Ellen Makes a Mess of Sofia Vergara's Gorgeous Face (VIDEO)

Sofia Vergara and Ellen DeGeneresGood daytime TV is all about the laughs, if you ask me. On The Ellen DeGeneres Show, that's never a problem. Yesterday, Ellen had bombshell Sofia Vergara stop by for a little bit of girly fun. As loyal CoverGirl spokeswomen, the duo naturally decided to get creative with a whole slew of the brand's products.

In true Ellen fashion, we're not talking about a little blush on the cheeks or a clean swipe of mascara. We're talking full-on makeovers. Messy makeovers. As in, Ellen essentially squeezed a whole bottle of foundation onto Sophia's face and then used purple eyeshadow as bronzer

"It's boring to just put makeup on without doing something creative," Ellen said.

Judging by Sofia's reaction, something tells me the Modern Family star wasn't exactly prepared for how creative Ellen was thinking. Watch the hilarious clip after the jump and see for yourself:


Wow. Sofia's definitely seen better days, but she took it like a champ. The thing that kills me, though, is I bet they got paid a whollllleeee slew of cash to get messy with CoverGirl's stuff on TV. Hey CoverGirl! If you're looking for more candidates, I'm interested!

While obviously none of us are asking our friends to do our makeup with our hands tied behind our backs, Ellen does have a point: makeup's there to have fun with. Sure, we all own the basic foundation, pressed powder, mascara, and the like. But come on -- jazz things up every once in a while. There's no reason not to try something new.

Makeup is removable. You'll never know if something more dramatic like a cool cat eye or a bold lip looks fun until you try it. While I don't encourage you to go as extreme as they did on Ellen (if you want to be taken seriously, of course) -- I say it's all worth a shot. Who knows, maybe you'll have as much of a blast trying new things on your own as Sofia and Ellen did. My guess, though? Probably not.

What did you think of Sofia and Ellen's makeup session?


Image via TheEllenShow/YouTube

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