Update Your Boring Lady Parts With Fox Fur & Feathers


fox furThe ad wizards over at Completely Bare, a waxing spa chain owned by former Real Housewives of New York star Cindy Barshop, have outdone themselves. The latest trend on their list of services is ... and here comes a phrase I never thought I'd write ... an enhancement of the vagina with fox fur. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we've put a man on the moon and now we're putting fox fur on our hoohas. What can I say? The future is here.

These merkins, if you will, don't come cheap. At $225 a pop, you've got to be willing to fork over some serious cash if you want your kaslopis looking like it was just caught in a trap in the woods and is being pursued by beagles, basset hounds, and men on horses.

Photos of the merkins after the jump.

What. Fox fur vagina wigs not your thing? You could always go for the more festive feather option. The "Carnivale Bikini" adheres neon feathers to your spasm chasm for only $195. You'll be able to walk around town knowing that your hot pocket is staying nice and warm in its Big Bird costume. It's a real dream come true, isn't it.

It probably goes without saying, but PETA is pretty pissed about this whole thing. I've never been one to side with the fanatical group, but I don't know, I have to agree with them here. This whole sticking-fur-and-feathers-to-your-taco thing just seems weird. I'm not offended by it, per se, but I'm not exactly thrilled by the idea, either. I suppose I just don't get it. I mean, WHO WANTS THIS?

fox fur bikiniFoxy BikiniIf, perchance, you are the type of discerning lady who will pay hundreds of dollars to dress up her happy hole with animal fur and/or feathers usually relegated to the fourth grade arts and crafts bin, then by all means, merk it up. You get yourself something pretty down there and you do you.

carnivale bikini
Carnivale Bikini
I just, I can't. Sparkles, shaved patterns, tanned in designs, and glitter were one thing, but I gotta draw the line somewhere. And that line is the "Foxy Bikini." No can do.

So ... what do you think? Crazy or kind of cool?


Photo via harlequeen/Flickr and CompletelyBare.com

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nonmember avatar Foxy Lady

I just had this done and I love it.

Doomy234 Doomy234

To each their own, I guess. But instead of spending $200 bucks for some fur or feathers, why not just grow it out and put barrettes in it or something. Or get some cheap faux feathers from a craft store along with some eyelash glue to paste those puppies on.

Personally, I think its weird, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

vamom08 vamom08

Just go get one of those piercings for that area .I think that would be better but honest me personally I dont care for mines to be decorated but all women are different they say "pain is pleasure."

Torra... TorranceMom

Tacky, pointless and unethical . . .

Knuckles Knuckles

That is... Odd.

Stacey. Stacey.

LOL @ Doomy saying put barrettes in it =)

This is ridiculous. What happened to vajazzling?

Knuckles Knuckles

I have to say.. If I pulled down a guys pants and found feathers I would start laughing my ass off...

Eversnow Eversnow

I'm just saying.. Instead of doing the fur and feathers on my "boring vagina" i'll just put the 225 right on top of it. That money would get my husband going quicker than the other.

Knuckles Knuckles

LOL Eversnow!

phant... phantomphan

So women shave all the hair off, just to put fake hair on? Ooooookay.

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