Thanks for Choosing This Presidential Forum Dress!

Rick Perry and Lindsay FerrierLast week, Ann Taylor and I gave you three options to vote on to help me choose which dress to wear to moderate our CafeMom presidential forums on Monday.

The votes were super close, but after tallying them up from this blog and on Facebook, I chose .... THE RED DRESS!

And I think Rick Perry approved!

Do you approve?


I was surprised that the votes were so close -- they were so split between the black dress and the red dress that I brought both, just in case the black one ended up being most popular at the last minute.

There were even plenty of votes for the blue dress, which I admitted didn't sit quite right on my high waistline.

In the end, though, I think the red dress was definitely the right choice, particularly since everything around me was either dark or neutral.

Here's the dress at Ann Taylor:

Ann TaylorIt's ordinarily $118, but today it's 30% off!

One note: Plan on wearing a camisole underneath. Like most wrap dresses, it leaves a little less to the imagination on its own than you'll probably want it to. And I've never been successful at pinning closed the neckline of a wrap dress.

That said, I liked wearing it with a black camisole -- it tied in nicely with the black tights and black boots I wore.

All in all: SUCCESS.

Thanks, Ann Taylor!

Check out video of our presidential forums here!


Image via Ann Taylor

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