Rick Perry's Campaign Accessory Is Way Cooler Than a Sweater Vest

rick perry's bootsEven if you haven't been too impressed with Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry and disagree with all of his policies, maybe at the very least you can admit that he has some pretty groovy boots (see right). The Texas Governor sported these duds at a recent CafeMom forum with moms in South Carolina. The cowboy boots have embroidered flags on the front and back and come with a pretty involved back story, which Perry was all too happy to share. Still not impressed? Well, at least they're more interesting than a sweater vest.


When asked about his boots, Perry explained that he typically wears them when he goes to school to teach Texas history. That's because on the front, the boots have a flag -- made from a wedding dress from 1835 and embroidered with a cannon and the words "Come and Take It" -- which commemorates the first shots fired during the Texas War of Independence. On the back is a flag similar to the one that was flown over the Alamo. Perry might not be so great at remembering all three federal agencies he wants to axe if elected, but he certainly has a knack for remembering very detailed accounts of history.

Here's why he likes to wear the boots:

It reminds me about service and sacrifice. As I tell young people, I don't care whether you are drawn to the Peace corps or Marine corps -- but you need to give back to this country. Because freedom's not free. And we are only one generation away from losing our freedom. And that is the most important issue in this election.

If Rick Santorum wears sweater vests to "look older," does that perhaps mean that Perry wears his boots to "look smarter"? It's not such a silly question when you consider that campaign fashion -- while rarely making or breaking a candidate -- in terms of creating buzz around a candidate. I don't have to remind you of Hillary Clinton's infamous pantsuits and Sarah Palin's expensive designer wardrobe during the 2008 election. And if sleeveless sweaters and cowboy boots seem outside the realm of traditional political attire, it just goes to show how much effort these candidates are willing to put into making a big impression on voters.

You can watch the video of Perry talking about his boots here:

Do you think Perry's boots make him look smarter? Would you vote for him?


Image via CafeMom Studios/YouTube

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