Emma Stone's Not Above Using Cheap Beauty Products


Emma StoneEmma Stone and me, I could see us being besties. Most of the time, I think the Crazy, Stupid, Love actress is epically hilarious. She's pretty (I adore her dark red hair!) and she has a flirty, chic sense of style. If you ask me, those are all the important credentials for an A-class friend, right? Right.

Whaddya know? It seems that Stone and I even have a few things in common, including the low cost of our beauty regimens. Recently, Stone told InStyle about her must-have beauty essentials, which include Revlon mascara and ColorStay nail polish, Aura Cacia grapeseed oil, and Davines conditioner. The total cost for her glam items? Less than $60.

That is MY kind of bargainista!

Honestly, my beauty routine used to be even CHEAPER than that. I was one of those kinda girls who would buy store brands in order to save a few bucks, and I would do it for every single product. Moisturizers, foundations, eyeliners, you name it. Anything I could get my paws on at the drug store that was inexpensive and would do its job alright, I was sold.

It wasn't until I tried some of the big names that I truly understood what I was missing out on, though. After testing my first "pricey" mascara, I learned that yes -- it is supposed to last all day. After my first well-reviewed eyeliner, I learned that no, it shouldn't rub off within an hour.

Now, I can't imagine my beauty routine without Boxom mascara, Sephora brand eyeliner, or Milani face powder. However, I supplement those bigger names with my go-to Target brand makeup remover sheets and CVS brand's acne fighting moisturizer. It's all about finding a balance so that you can maintain your collection of must-have basics without breaking the bank. If Emma can do it (even though I'm sure she can afford otherwise!), then there's no doubting that you and I both can too. 

What do you spend on your beauty essentials? What products do you splurge on more than others?


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Stacey. Stacey.

I used to use only Spehora but honestly since becoming more frugal I only use drug store brand everything and it works just fine. Then again, I dont put it on like thick war paint a la Kim K so I dont need anything industrial strength LOL.

linzemae linzemae

I personally never liked Revlon mascara

Mommy... MommyOfOne2710

I use cheap stuff and it works perfect... I've also used the expensive stuff that my friend buys and I actually prefer my bargain makeup.

nonmember avatar Alison

Hmmm if I was still 22 (and looked like that) I could get away with cheap stuff too. Each year that passes the beauty bill gets higher too! lol...I also don't personally like revlon mascara but I think Emma is a new spokeswoman for the brand. However you still can't beat their colorstay foundation. Guess I just contradicted myself :)

kkey75 kkey75

I but Maybelline Great Lash mascara because I tried the pricier stuff and it has never worked as well for me as the cheap stuff. But what do I know? I've never had the money for the REALLY expensive stuff :)

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