Drop-Crotch Skinny Jeans? OH YES.

OAKWhen I was sent a link to these drop-crotch skinny jeans, I was sure it had to be some kind of joke.

I was wrong.

These saggy/skinny blue jeans are the real deal -- and you won't believe how much they cost!


OAK is selling these "stylish" designer jeans for $158.

OAKYes, ladies, you too can look just as "edgy" and "fashionable" as this model, for the low, low price of $158!


OAKWhat? You're still reading? WHY HAVEN'T YOU PLACED YOUR ORDER YET? I have a feeling these jeans are going to be a sell-out!

If you're still on the fence about purchasing a pair, maybe these facts will change your mind.

  • Skinny jeans can be annoying, because they're so tight that you can't fit much more than a driver's license and a folded-up 20 in your back pocket. With drop-crotch skinny jeans, though, you can carry all KINDS of things inside your pants -- from a bunch of bananas to your college textbooks!
  • Got gas? No problem! These drop crotch skinny jeans effectively trap up to three cubic feet of smelly air!
  • Sometimes, your butt just grows, and there's no explanation for it. Buy these drop-crotch skinny jeans and you won't have to worry about any unexpected junk in your trunk.
  • Let's be honest. You can't wear your drop-crotch jodhpurs every day.

FarfetchSometimes, these babies have GOTTA be washed -- and on those days, you can wear your drop-crotch skinny jeans!

Drop-crotch skinny jeans. WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT?!


Image via OAK

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