Small Breasts Give Big Show on the Golden Globes Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

charlize theronOf course it's all about cleavage at "The Golden Globes" -- could the awards show have a more obvious name? And while this year was no exception (ahem, Salma Hayek), it was the ladies with less up top who really stole the spotlight on Sunday night.

Maybe the flapper girl silhouette of the Roaring Twenties is making a comeback, maybe more and more celebs are rejecting the idea of plastic surgery (stop laughing, it's possible!), but these four gorgeous actresses proved you don't have to have a huge rack to rule the red carpet.

Take Charlize Theron.

With more classic screen star glamour than anyone since the days of Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner, she proves you can be a bombshell without being busty. In her GG gown, Theron had all the sex appeal of an ancient goddess.



It doesn't get much sexier than Queen Sophie, especially with a plunging neckline like this one -- which can only be pulled off by a girl with a sleek upper body like Evan Rachel Wood.

evan rachel wood

Claire Danes wouldn't look quite so elegant and refined with a pair of D cups, would she?

claire danes

She's the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo ... not the girl with the dangerous decolletage. And Rooney Mara is still a knockout without enormous knockers.

rooney mara

Which small-breasted celebs do you think stood out on the red carpet?


Images via Splash (Rooney Mara via Getty)

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