A Forever Lazy Mommy War!

Forever Lazy Mommy WarYesterday, we debuted our second episode of "I'll Take That Dare," in which I wore a Forever Lazy onesie in public and showed you people's hilarious reactions to it.

Well, responses to the show have been pouring in ever since. One guy told me that he was sitting in class behind a college student who was wearing one. An attorney reported that someone showed up in court last week wearing a Forever Lazy. And a mom saw a family in matching Forever Lazies at a Florida theme park.

Most surprising, though, is that this Forever Lazy video appears to have launched a brand new Mommy War, with women taking sides over whether or not it's appropriate to wear a gigantic pair of pajamas in public.

Check out what both sides have to say, and add your own opinion in the comments, after the jump!


First, the video for those who missed it:

On one side, we have women who've delared that the Forever Lazy should never, ever be worn in public. Check out these comments from moms, otherwise known as MOMMENTS:

Have some class America. OMG If we are going to be that lazy that we need infant clothes for adults, go naked and let everyone laugh at you. That will cure this insanity pretty fast.

Adults that would wear adult onsie pajamas, bedroom slippers, or pajama pants in public only appear too lazy to put on normal, non-bed-time clothing and shoes when they go somewhere.

i have more self respect than that and honestly i think it makes people out in public like that look like bums, lazy, frumpy, and as a mom that refects on your parenting as well.

I would immolate anyone who suggested I wear one. I am not stupid enough to think this is a good idea in any way, shape, or form.

OMG! how can you wear that thing out in public? If I were to do that I would be on my way to the mental hospital.

On the other side were moms who vehemently said they'd wear pajamas in public if they dang well WANTED to.

As a mother of 2 younger daughters the one thing I have tried to teach them is to be yourself and don't allow others judgements change who you are. I will wear whatever I want to wear whenever and wherever I want to where them!

i have one. they are so comfy. i would definitely wear it out.

So since I take my kids to and from school in my bath robe and have also on many occassions gone to the store with it on ( pj's on underneath ), I would have no problem wearing a forever lazy to do the same!!

I really don't care what ppl think of what I wear, I can't be uncomfortable in clothes just so ppl don't think I'm lazy, crazy, whatever. Would I wear one of these in public? If it was hot pink, black or a combination of both heck yeah! Iowa is freezing right now.

if you wanna wear it in public, as long as you're not showing anything indecent, then who really cares. there are worse things that people wear.

Then there were those who were undecided ...

I think a bright blue onesie would make anyone stand out in a crowd ! But if I start seeing people at Wal Mart wearing these, then I might not feel so weird about it.

Welll... erm ... maybe you should check this site before you start taking fashion cues from people at Walmart ... I'm just sayin'!

A Forever Lazy Mommy War! I am IN AWE.

Whose side are you on?

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