Kristen Stewart & Balenciaga Perfume Are a Match Made in Heaven


kristen stewart
Kristen in Balenciaga.
Kristen Stewart is one smart lady. I'm sure she's been offered umpteen endorsement and/or spokes-model deals, but the Twilight star patiently waited for the right brand to come along, and boy did it pay off. Women's Wear Daily reported today that Kristen just signed on to be the new face of a Balenciaga fragrance due out in the fall. If ever there was a more suitable pair, I cannot think of one.

Kristen's been slowly gaining speed in the fashion world over the years (her W magazine cover was certainly a highlight) and this partnership with Balenciaga is a match made in style heaven. Effortlessly cool, modern, appropriately dark, and perfectly moody, Balenciaga and KStew have a lot in common.

She's not the first celebrity to give face to a fragrance, but she may be the best.

KStew and Balenciaga speak the same, rad, chill language. We not only want to wear Balenciaga gowns and twirl around in the underworld, we also want to smell like KStew and be a part of that exclusive, cool kids club. If her ads for the perfume reach expectations, this fragrance could instantly become a best-seller

She's got company in the celeb x fragrance arena, but I think KStew will find her niche. Charlize Theron sells class, sexiness, and wealth in her ads for Dior's J'adore fragrance; Anne Hathaway is the face of Lancome's Magnifique and sells, what, dorkiness? Wholesomeness? Accessibility? Nicole Kidman for Chanel no. 5 sold elusiveness, skinniness, and fantasy. All these definitely hit a nerve with consumers, but Kristen's ad will be different.

She'll be selling awesomeness, bad-assness, toughness, power, and sensuality, all without even trying. It's what Kristen does best, and it's what Balenciaga is known for. Can't wait to see what they come up with. 

What do you think of KStew for Balenciaga? Also, what do you think the perfume will smell like?


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nonmember avatar monica

I like that. ...... new and different.

nonmember avatar Karen

I hope they stay true to Kristen,with some glam and her normal self skinny jeans t's and sneak.Don't take that away from her,she is hot all the way around...luv you Kristen,and yes I have a life I just like how true she is to her self.

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