What Should I Wear to Monday's Candidate Forum? Vote in the Comments!

Ann TaylorA couple of weeks ago, I moderated a forum with Newt Gingrich in Iowa.

I got a lot of questions afterward from friends, YouTube viewers, and blog readers, and while some of them did indeed want to know what Newt was really like and what I thought of him as a candidate, most people wanted to know something else entirely:

Where did I get my dress?

I ended up writing a post about the dress, revealing that it was from Ann Taylor -- and that post prompted the folks at Ann Taylor to write to me.

The result of our email connection was this: I have another candidate forum coming up this Monday, and Ann Taylor has sent me three dresses to choose from. You're going to help me decide which one to wear by voting in the comments. Fun, right? See the dresses on me, after the jump.


Lindsay Ferrier

First off, the dress I chose: the Waist Tie V-Neck Dress (Ann Taylor, $118).  It's straight out of the box and needs a steaming -- forgive me, but we're on a tight deadline here. I was planning on ordering this dress for next week anyway, so Ann Taylor's timing couldn't have been more perfect. In real life, the neckline is too low-cut to wear the dress alone, but I like the black cami underneath it anyway, because I want to wear it with black tights and booties.


Ann Taylor

Next up is the Topstitched Tropical Wool Dress (Ann Taylor, $168). Here it is on the model ...


Ann Taylor

And here it is on me. I was surprised at how much I like this dress. It fits perfectly and can be dressed up or down to suit a range of occasions. Also, it doesn't feel like itchy, scratchy wool -- it's very comfortable -- and even though it arrived in a box, when I took it out, it was wrinkle-free! A miracle!


Ann Taylor

Finally, here's the Batwing Sleeve Dress (Ann Taylor, $98) on the AT model ...


Lindsay Ferrier
And here it is on me. I really wanted this dress to work -- it's a beautiful, regal blue and I love batwing sleeves -- but the waist line just doesn't sit right on me. I'm high-waisted, so this is not an unusual problem for me. I tried a belt with it, but it still didn't really look right.

So now, I'll put it to you -- should I wear the red dress on Monday, the black, or the blue? My blue dress showed up on ABC World News, Anderson Cooper, and MSNBC among other places, so in a very frivolous way that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the presidential election, YOUR VOTE MATTERS!!

In other words, we might as well have some fun with this, right?

Leave your vote in the comments!

Oh, and if you like any of these dresses, Ann Taylor is offering 40% off your entire order today! W00T!

Images via Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor has provided me with these outfits in compliance with FTC guidelines. I was not compensated by Ann Taylor for writing this post, and my opinions are my own.

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