Katy Perry Shares Her Secret Beauty Weapon With the World

katy perryKaty Perry's style isn't for everyone. Her clothes are a little ... out there, and her hair sometimes leaves something to be desired. But she's still a beautiful girl. And although a lot of it is natural (hello, curves!), she definitely has the help of some seriously good beauty products to thank. Remember that photo of her on Twitter, compliments of Russell Brand? Yikes. Sometimes, she is just like us.

Well, Katy wants to share these beauty products with the world -- one in particular. Can you guess which? It's only, like, her most important beauty product of all.


Her false eyelashes! You know, those things she's rarely without. Those things that totally transform her from ordinary girl to sexy superstar (see photo above). Those things that are crucial to her -- and every other celeb's -- appearance. Katy has designed a line of falsies for the brand Eylure, and they're set to hit Ulta stores in February. Awesome.

I've tried false eyelashes a handful of times. They're not easy, but let me tell you, they make a world of a difference. They just do something that no high-volume mascara could ever do. They totally open up your face and make you appear to be well-rested and, as cheesy as it sounds, sexy. Seriously.

I think Katy is the perfect person to try her hand at this. After all, she's probably worn more false eyelashes in the past year than any of us will wear in our lives. The woman knows 'em. And if they make her go from unflattering Twitter photo to this, I'm in.

Have you ever tried false eyelashes? Thoughts?


Image via machechyp/Flickr

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