Michelle Williams' Marilyn Curves Are Gone, But Not Forgotten

Michelle WilliamsMichelle Williams gained weight to play Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn, and critics say she nailed the role. There's even buzz that Michelle's the frontrunner right now to win the Best Actress Oscar.

I found it admirable that Michelle would radically change her figure in order to play Marilyn more realistically -- and I was heartened that she looks HAWT with the extra weight, to boot. Ordinarily, when actresses gain enough weight to play a normal-sized woman, they're made up to be frumpy and unattractive (Bridget Jones, anyone?).

But now, Michelle has lost all her Marilyn pounds, and then some.

Personally, I miss the curves.

See what Michelle looks like now after the jump -- and tell me what you think.



Michelle Williams

Oh, Mia. Er, I mean, Michelle.

I can totally understand that you'd want to lose some weight after My Week With Marilyn, but let's emphasize the word "some" here.

Did you have to shed every last little curve?

Unless you're preparing to play Kevin McCallister in the remake of Home Alone, your new look is completely unacceptable to me.

Girl! Get some junk in that trunk!

I could comment now on the size zero obsession that seems to be plaguing even our more talented, intellectual actresses in Hollywood, but it's all been said before, hasn't it?

RIP, Michelle Williams curves. I will miss you.

What do you think of Michelle's new look?

Image via Facebook, Splash News

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