Rick Santorum Inspires Cozy New Fashion Trend

Rick Santorum sweater vestWhile former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum has made a few questionable comments along the presidential campaign trail so far, I'm totally on board with his latest political move. After hearing from "several retailers" that sales of his iconic sweater vest have increased since he started wearing it practically everywhere, he's decided to get in on the retail action himself.

Prepare yourself: If you donate $100 or more to the man's campaign TODAY, you'll receive your very own Rick Santorum for President sweater vest.

Genius. By golly, Rick Santorum could be instilling a change across the nation already with this new trend! The best part? This is a potential fad that is so gender neutral, it could legitimately totally take over. And unlike most politicians, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a quality sweater vest.


They're uber comfortable. Rick's sweater vest, like many of the best ones out there, is made of 100 percent cotton. In other words, it's super cozy. Putting on a vest is like wearing a blanket that you can snuggle up with every time you sit down. However, just make sure to buy yours a little big so you can accommodate for some shrinking!

They're flattering. OK, so maybe not for your arms. However, now that the holidays are over, everyone is touting around a few extra pounds. Slip into a sweater vest and camouflage that extra pooch instantaneously!

The right vest could make you feel more politically inclined. If Rick Santorum can slip into his sweater vest and feel strong enough to run for president, then maybe one day I too can wear a sweater vest and run for president. So can you! Right?

The design options are limitless. There are SO many different sweater vests out there! Argyle vests, fur vests, cotton vests, vests that button. If the trend takes off like I have a feeling it will, then you could snag yourself a whole slew of 'em, one for every day of the week (and date nights!).

Are you a fan of sweater vest? Would you donate to a candidate just for an incentive?


Image via Rick Santorum

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