This Designer Purrrse Is a Total Cat-Astrophe

cat purseWant the purrrrfect accessories this winter? Look no further than this purrrrse. Made out of leather and rabbit hair, this H. Lorenzo clutch retails for $1,085. I suppose no cats where harmed in the making of this bag, but cows and rabbits sure were. Anyway, only rich, crazy cat ladies (wait, was that an oxymoron?) are probably interested in carrying around this cat-astrophe of a bag because nothing says I'm out of touch with reality quite like holding a cat pillow, which doubles as a bag, that costs more than my first used car.

Where would one wear this thing? To a mewseum? To meet with claw enforcement? To get some mice cream? (Nailed it.) Let's be real, there's no place on earth that a thousand-dollar cat purse is appropriate.


Just look at it -- it's not even like they tried to make the cat look cuddly. It looks like at any moment, that damn cat is going to spring to life and come for our jugulars. I don't like the look in his eyes. That, combined with his erect and alert ears, makes me think kitty ain't happy. I guess I'd be in a bad mewd too (perhaps I'd have a hissssy fit?) if I didn't see any profits after my likeness was slapped on a purse and sold to wealthy fashion victims.

cat purse

Hopefully this will be the weirdest purse you'll see all day, but I'm afraid it's too early to tell. I swear to god, if there's a clutch out there shaped like a human baby with a picture of one on the front, I'm going to be seriously disturbed.

What do you think of this cat purse?


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