Heidi Klum's Flare Jeans vs. Mom Jeans: Which Is Worse?

mom jeansYesterday we saw Heidi Klum wearing some pretty terrible flare jeans. Jeans that were so wide at the bottom that people wondered if her kids were hiding somewhere in the folds. A valid question, if you ask me. Those jeans were not Heidi's best look, to put it nicely. I think we all love the blonde supermodel -- how can you hate her, she seems so smiley! -- but you have to admit that her pant selection in this particular instance was downright abominable.

Now. Some folks have said that they prefer Heidi's elephantitis of the jean cuff to those so-called "uncomfortable" skinny jeans. To me, that sounds like crazy talk. Skinny jeans, to use a phrase from the '90s where Heidi's flares came from, are the bomb dot com. So let's leave the skinny jean out of this comparison. If we're looking to critique Heidi's denim in regards to another jean cut, let us then focus on the most-hated of feminine trousers, the mom jean.

Extreme flare vs. mom jeans: Which is worse?


Wow. I don't think a more prescient question has been asked yet this year, and we've had a couple of Republican debates.

Clearly, neither pair is desirable in the least. But if I had to chose which one is worse ... oh goodness, me, this is a toughie ... if I had to choose ... um ... God I don't know if I can do it! They're both terrible! Oh fine, OK OK OK, between mom jeans and extreme bell-bottoms, I'm going to have to say that extreme flares are worse.

That was a tough one. It was like picking between two piles of poodle poop. I think mom jeans are less fashionably offensive because they can look cool if worn right. It's not easy, Jessica Simpson tried and failed, but if you've got the figure, a high-waisted jean with tapered legs would be a hipster addition to your wardrobe.

Heidi's pants, on the other hand, wouldn't be an addition, they'd be an invasion. You couldn't hang those heavy things in your closet and I know you don't have room to fold those bad boys in your living room -- just shaking them out would knock over the TV and armchair.

I just feel like the mom jean can be dressed up to look cool and relevant; I don't have the same feeling about flared leg jeans. They look outdated in a "been there, done that, got the flared jeans" type of way that no one really relates to anymore.

In the battle for worst jeans on the planet, I think flare jeans beat out mom jeans.

What do you think?


Photo via Betessssy/Flickr

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