New Walgreens Flagship Store Is Like Sephora on Steroids

woman putting on mascaraI've been planning on booking a trip to Chicago to visit my hometown BFFs for a while now, but now, it looks like I have even more reason to! Walgreens is opening a new flagship store today in Chi-Town's Loop that will basically be like if the most beautiful drugstore you've ever been in and the coolest Sephora in the country had a yuppie kid.

In addition to pharmacists you can have one-on-one chats with, a sushi bar, a juice bar, and a high-end wine selection, the store also sports a fancy-pants beauty department staffed by "specially trained beauty advisers." They'll also carry ritzy items like a $160 Italian facial serum and offer mani-pedis or eyebrow shape-ups at their posh Nail Bar or Eyebrow Bar. Ooh la la! 

A'course, in "this economy," the idea that people want to go spend boatloads of cash on beauty treatments and products -- at their neighborhood Walgreens nonetheless! -- may seem a bit, well, off. But it is actually more on-point than you'd think!


Believe it or not, lots of us ladies don't really think twice about coughing up cash for beauty treatments and products, even when cash is tight. Ever hear of the "lipstick index"? It was a term coined by Leonard Lauder, chairman emeritus of cosmetics company Estee Lauder, back in 2001. Basically, his theory is that we consider a lipstick, or nail polish, or mascara, even a manicure or an eyebrow shaping a small luxury that can get us through hard times and good ones. But they become even more crucial when the economy is in the dumper, because we see these items as attainable, "worth-it" pick-me-ups.

I have definitely treated myself to a Bare Escentuals $16 lip gloss or higher-end nail polish as a "small luxury." And friends of mine have admitted to feeling blue and popping into the drugstore to buy a new lipstick to lift their spirits. And come on, who doesn't feel better after just putting on your fave lipstick or getting a manicure?

Hence why Walgreens is GENIUS to open this superstore right now, economists be damned. In fact, if they really wanted to tap into the American female psyche and open these higher end stores all over the country ASAP, they'd make a killing!

Would you shop at a higher-end Walgreens? Do you treat yourself to lipstick or other beauty products/treatments as a "small luxury"?


Image via eflon/Flickr

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