Axe Body Spray for WOMEN? That Idea Stinks

axe body sprayAxe commercial.Hey, ladies! Ever wished you could smell like an eager college freshman or a cab driver? Now's your chance. Soon, there will be an Axe body spray for women. Unilever, the company behind the scent and its ridiculous ads, says that they're launching a uni-sex spray called Anarchy that will be sure to titillate the boys just as much as the girls.

I don't know if it's all the Axe chemicals floating around their offices and making Axe execs think this is a good idea, but hate to break it to you fellas: No woman I know likes the overt, in-your-face smell of douche bag in a can. We don't like it on guys and we certainly won't like it for ourselves.


A fragrance is supposed to be subtle and seductive. It shouldn't come in an aerosol can with a neon logo. It's my opinion that a woman's perfume, her scent, is a very personal thing. Yes, there are successful scents that sell millions of bottles (Chanel no. 5, J'adore Dior, not to mention all the celebrity fragrances), but it becomes a personal experience when we open the delicate lid, dab some of the silky liquid on our wrists and behind our ears, and inhale.

There's nothing generic about it, even if the product itself is highly mass-marketed. With Axe, you have to spray it all over your body and then, as so many of the commercials have told us, you'll become irresistible to the opposite sex even if you're sweating your face off. I can see why it applies to clueless teenage dudes, but women are smarter than Axe.

We don't want to smell like must, Old Spice, o-zone, Irish Spring, and cedar wood. We don't wanna smell like the first floor of the guy's dorm at UConn or The Situation right after a smush session. Axe has its place in the market, but when it comes to women, they're barking up the wrong tree.

Would you wear Axe Anarchy for men and women?

Watch the Axe Anarchy ad:

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