No Pants Subway Ride Proves We're Not as Hot in Our Underwear as We Thought

No Pants Subway RideNo Pants Subway Ride Day was recently celebrated around the globe, and television news channels responded by showing video of the pantsless riders so that their anchors could have a good snicker.

Meanwhile, I watched from home in horror as the realization washed over me for the very first time ...

Boyshorts are NOT SEXY!



I guess I should be grateful to the No Pants Subway Riders for making this fact appallingly clear. Because until yesterday, I was under the mistaken impression that boyshorts were the way to go. On models, they look pretty hot, they don't create a panty line, and they're waaaay more comfortable than a thong or g-string.

What I didn't realize until I saw the subway video was that they're like the modern-day equivalent of granny panties. Unless you weigh 90 pounds and are wearing them with a coordinating tank top that shows off your superbly toned abs, boyshorts look just plain awful. They hug you in all the wrong places. And you definitely should not be wearing them out in public.

Sorry, no pants-ers. Just sayin.'

In fact, these brave, bare legged subway riders now have me reassessing my entire panty drawer ...


YouTubeI've never made it a habit of checking out the back view in my everyday undies. But now, I think I will. There might be more going on back there than I had imagined and if that is the case, I WANT TO BE THE FIRST TO KNOW. Not the 1,347th.


YouTubeI don't really know what the point of No Pants Subway Ride Day is, besides allowing hipsters to smirk at their cleverness and post themselves on YouTube, but I'm in favor of it -- because it has forever changed the kind of underwear I buy for myself.

Hiphuggers, I now know, are definitely the way to go.

So thank you, No Pants Subway Riders. You have revolutionized my lingerie drawer.

What's your favorite style of underwear?


Screengrabs via YouTube

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