Nicole Richie’s Beauty Secret Will Make You Jealous

Nicole RichieI think it's pretty safe to say that most women have one thing in common: We all use some form of makeup. Whether it's just a dusting of concealer or a sweep of mascara before heading out of the house, it's been ingrained into our minds that there's a whole slew of products out there we need to help us look beautiful.

With that said, Nicole Richie isn't a huge fan. The 30-year-old momma of two told InStyle that not only does she not know how to put on makeup, but she also hardly owns any. "I own under eye concealer, Maybelline mascara, and an eyelash curler," she confessed.

Really? That's it? Well, isn't she just a lucky duck.


Nicole's in luck, because she looks perfectly fine sans makeup. Seriously, her skin looks flawless! Meanwhile, here I am (please tell me I'm not alone!) feeling absolutely naked if I don't have some under eye concealer and bronzer to start my day. I'm not saying that I'm one of those women who NEEDS it, but I honestly can't imagine my life without it.

I feel sexy when I put makeup on. It's as if there's some magic component to my favorite MAC lipstick that makes me feel like a completely different, more confident women. Who knows -- maybe when you're a celebrity, that's how you feel all the time, anyway.

Nicole told InStyle that when she does wear makeup, she has to get it done. If only we all had that luxury, right? Nevertheless, I think Nicole is seriously missing out! While a fresh face is nice, there's no doubting that a little bit of makeup can do some unbelievable things. In Nicole's case -- she has amazing eyes to begin with, however there are a bajillion ways she could play them up by herself with a bit of colored eyeshadow and the right liner.

To each her own, I suppose. Knowing Nicole can look that good without makeup doesn't make me feel wrong for adoring it. For time's sake though, I wouldn't hate having the same attitude!

Do you wear makeup regularly? Are you surprised Nicole doesn't?


Image via AshleyCooper/ Flickr

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