Wearing False Eyelashes to the Grocery is a Very Good Idea

Olivia MunnI loved finding this photo of Olivia Munn out grocery shopping in my inbox this morning, because even though she's acting all casual and ho hum as she checks out a bottle of Trop 50, her heavy makeup, skintight skirt, and false eyelashes totally give away the fact that this was a photo opportunity for the up and coming star.

And since I have false eyelashes on the brain lately, now's as good a time as any to write about how celebrities are using them to TOTALLY LOOK BETTER THAN THE REST OF US.

The fact is, Olivia looks way hotter grocery shopping in false lashes than she would without them. But you would look better grocery shopping in them, too!


And we really need to discuss this important matter, like, NOW.


Stil here? Excellent! You are my kind of girl.

So... My current obsession with false eyelashes is twofold.

It began when my stylist friend Ellen showed up for work at Salon Nfuse wearing a pair, which I wrote about here. She looked AMAZING, and for the first time, I realized that eyelash strips (which I've always avoided in favor of the clusters) can make a woman look about 10 times more gorgeous. Check out this photo of Ellen:

Salon Nfuse

See? Totally gorgeous, AND you're not thinking "Oh, she's wearing false eyelashes," either.

Second is the fact that I'm currently obsessed with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and I have noticed that those women wouldn't be caught dead on camera without false eyelashes. And regardless of what you think of their personalities, it can't be denied that they all look totally hot. True, most of us can't afford regular Botox or plastic surgery, but most of us CAN afford false eyelashes. YAY!

And I'm not the only one to notice this false eyelash mania. Recently, Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond wrote that RHOBH also inspired her to buy a few pairs and experiment with them. 855 (and counting) comments later, I think it's safe to say that fake lashes are on a LOT of women's minds.

I'm now wearing the strips whenever I make a television or video appearance, on date nights, and, well, when I'm having a bad day. I think of them as my "confidence lashes."

The downside of them is that they can be uncomfortable, they're fairly difficult to apply, and they sometimes come loose during the day (always carry a tube of eyelash glue with you when you wear them, in the event that this happens!) The upside?

When you wear them, you look MAH-VELOUS!

So tell me, ladies... Do you wear false eyelashes? Are you noticing them lately on all sorts of stars? Do you want to try them out? Which brand/style is your favorite?

Yes. I'm obsessed. What of it?


Image via 5wpr

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