Brave Lady Lets Her Husband Do Her Makeup! (VIDEO)


husband does wife's make-upI consider myself pretty brave as far as married women go. I'm secure enough in my powerful lady status to let my husband grab things off tall shelves and assist me in shoveling snow off our driveway. And yes, I'll admit it, I've even let the man get his fingers on a particularly painful zit (sorry, I'm a popper). But one woman has gone where womankind has never gone before ... she let her husband do her makeup.

And I thought I was brave? I have nothing on Rosie and the video that is bound to leave you both in stitches (because this couple is that adorable) and fearing for your skin (and your eyes, and ... well, you get the picture).

I don't think I have to really throw in the foul language warning here, do I? Some of these phrases are to be expected in a situation as dire as this (as the couple's description on their YouTube page points out, "There's a reason dudes don't do makeup!"):

Oh. My. Bravo Christopher. Bravo Rosie. That is one trusting relationship.

I can see the benefits. How many men say that a woman takes too much time on makeup, especially when the goal is to look like we're not wearing that much? If he walks in our shoes for even a few moments, he can't help but learn that artistry takes time. But I'm still not hopping on the chair.

Before you call me vain, this has nothing to do with how you look after the whole debacle is done. Heaven knows we've all made ourselves look like clowns a time or two -- we didn't need our male counterparts to do it for us. That's what they make cleansing pads for.

To me, it's all about safety. I'm saying this as a woman who wears very little makeup (I've just started sporting the stuff again after years of going au naturel). Badass chica I may be, but even I'm not brave enough to let my husband near my face with the tools in my beauty arsenal.

The first thing that actually popped into my head when I even heard the words "husband does wife's makeup" didn't show up in the video until about the 3-minute mark. I'm talking about the eyeliner folks. Yup, first thing I thought was, "I'm not even letting the father of my child that close to my eye with something pointy." I can barely stand to let the woman at Sephora do it, and she's trained not to try to turn my retinas a chocolate brown!

This is one style dare that's not for the faint of heart ... aka me!

What do you think: would you be as brave as Rosie? What would trouble you about letting your significant other do your makeup?


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Stacey. Stacey.

Hell no! LOL I dont think my man would even knows what goes where.

AylaMom AylaMom

Lol. I am so going to challenge hubby to this as well. He is always complaining I put on too much makeup

tiffa... tiffanyv123

I would let mine, but he also dyes my hair and cuts it for me too :)

nonmember avatar Monica

My boyfriend (father of my child) colors my hair, tweezes my eyebrows and puts finishing touches when I straighten my hair. So thus would be nbd to us lol

jayle... jaylensmommy145

homos ..just kidding, maybe there talented in other areas too but it also means thats how much they love u! haha

tesscat tesscat

this reminds me of the episode of friends where rachel has ross do her makup for her, haha. i'd let my boyfriend do my makeup just for fun, as long as i didn't have anywhere to go :P

Saphi... SaphiraJFire

I do not normally were makeup at all.

My Dh is excelent at it for halloween! He puts that guy to shame!

gen791 gen791

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe he should work at a strip club!! heehee, I might let mine try, but its only shadow, blush and mascara, i dont think he could mess it up too bad!! Cute video!!

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Actually my husband isnt too bad with a make up brush. I always wanted to go to school for special effects make up :-p

pierc... piercedbeauty21

LOL! I might just let Dh do my make-up one day.

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