Jill Zarin Has No Business Wearing Liz Taylor's Jewelry (VIDEO)

jill zarinJill Zarin may have been unceremoniously booted from The Real Housewives of New York, but that doesn't mean she's shrinking from the spotlight. TMZ spotted Ms. Zarin wearing an over-sized aquamarine ring on a dinner date with husband Bobby at a restaurant in NYC. Jill, quick to ask the cameraman if he'd seen what Bobby had given her for their 11th anniversary, shoved the rock in his face with the force of a thousand tidal waves. Modeling the giant bauble on her pointer finger, Jill exclaimed with pretend coyness that Bobby bought her the ring from Elizabeth Taylor's auction last month.

Uhbarf. Watch her show off her jewel after the jump.


You know, I bet poor Liz is rolling over in her velvet grave right now knowing that Kim Kardashian and Jill Zarin, two of the most vapid reality stars to ever disgrace the small screen, are wearing her beloved jewels. Oh, the humanity.

Kim reportedly bought $65K worth of bracelets from the Christie's auction and Zarin's ring cost about $19K. You'd think Jill would know by now that money can't buy you class -- elegance is learned, my friend. Her friend Countless sang that over and over enough that one would imagine it'd be stuck permanently in Jill's head, but I suppose it was in one ear, out the other.

Jill, who's worn some of the most questionable outfits including an '80s Madonna corset and high ponytail, has little to no fashion sense whatsoever. If her tacky apartment decor is any indication (I think it was Bethenny who quipped something to the effect of, "It looks like Versace and Liberace threw up in there"), it would seem that Jill wouldn't know real style if knocked her over the head.

Which is why it's such a shame that she's debasing Elizabeth Taylor's legacy by wearing her jewelry. Liz's over the top adornments were what she was known for, and now it feels like it's in the wrong hands.

Watch Jill soak up the attention and show off Liz's ring:

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