Sarah Palin's New Hairstyle Is Her Biggest Mistake Yet

Sarah PalinDespite my general disdain for Sarah Palin, I'll always admit, the woman has nice hair. The style she's chosen to wear it in isn't necessarily my cup of tea, but her hair -- the texture, the shininess, the color of it -- really has always been quite lovely. But since I saw her on FOX News the other night discussing the Iowa caucus, I'm reevaluating my opinion. (Of her hair.)

First of all, there was the beehive of it all. Yeah, Palin has always had a penchant for a mini-beehive 'do, if you will, but we're talking full-blown beehive here. Lots of teasing, lots of spraying, possibly a Bumpit hidden somewhere in there, the whole bit.

And then there was the rest of her hair ...


What happened? What is going on? I think the beehive would have actually looked okay if the rest of her hair were straight (and her bangs were brushed a little more). The curls that start above her ears just look ... odd. They make her look sort of Lord of the Rings-esque, and completely undone, which is not a look Sarah favors. (Unless we're talking about the two-fleece incident.) So, again, what happened? What is going on?

Was her hairstylist off for a post-holiday vacay? Was she trying out a new 'do for 2012? Or did she just not feel like washing and brushing out her New Year's Eve style? I want answers. This hairdo is more confounding to me than her politics.

But not more confounding than her decision to wear two fleeces. That I will never understand.

Check out Sarah and her hair dropping the knowledge:

What do you think of Sarah's new hairdo?

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