Store Destroys New Wedding Gowns for No Good Reason

destroyed wedding gownI hate when good things go to waste -- I was forced to clean my plate as a kid, maybe that has something to do with it -- so when I read that designer wedding dresses are being destroyed for no good reason, my instinct was to run through the streets screaming, tearing my hair out, grabbing people by the shirt collars, and asking why, why why. It just doesn't make any sense that a Priscilla of Boston in Edina, Minnesota would order some of their gowns to be spray painted with a red "X" and tossed in the dumpster.


This offends me as a lover of fashion, a worshipper of Vera Wang, as a donator of clothes, and as a hand-me-down wearer. The store says that corporate ordered the destruction and cited some reasons that had to do with the designer labels contracts and prevention of resale on the black market. The store went on to tell the local news in Edina that they would have given the clothes away, but they weren't in great condition and it's their policy to only donate gently used dresses.

To which I say, puh-lease. I'm sure people would be thankful for a Vera Wang gown, even if it had a few tears (fixable!) and stains (removable! or, cover up-able!). These dresses were a thing of beauty and I'm sure any woman, rich or poor, would've loved an opportunity to decide for herself if these gowns were truly "unwearable."

Alas, those gorgeous dresses are in a garbage pile somewhere covered in old diapers and Fruit Roll-Up wrappers. It's a crying shame.

Do you wear used clothes? Do you donate?


Photo via dogbomb/Flickr

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