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CafeMomSo yes, that's me interviewing Newt Gingrich, along with Frank Luntz. It happened last Friday in Iowa and it was a big deal for us at CafeMom, since it ended up making headlines that day on every major news outlet.

And what did my readers want to know about the whole thing? Did they have questions about how Newt feels about education, or foreign policy, or the environment?

Um. No. My readers wanted to know:

a) where I got the dress, and

b) whether or not I was wearing pantyhose.

This is why I love you guys.

And thank God I have a style blog, because I'm going to give you ANSWERS to your questions ... after the jump.

First off, the dress. It came from Ann Taylor and I got it during one of their many 40 percent off everything sales. (They actually have one going on today. SQUEE.)

Ann TaylorI have actually dubbed this dress The Miracle Dress. I am totally used to always looking heavier on TV than I think I do in real life. Anyone who's ... chesty ... can identify with the problem that just about every piece of clothing out there tends to make them look heavier than they are, ESPECIALLY on camera, where they become two-dimensional. This dress is a notable exception. It looked FABULOUS, both in photos and on video. I couldn't believe it. Even the camera men commented on it afterward, and Newt Gingrich's daughter couldn't stop talking about it. Ha!

The bad news is that, probably because of the sale, it is currently sold out. The GOOD news is that Ann Taylor frequently restocks dresses, and if you bookmark this link and stalk it, you'll probably find it available in your size at some point during the next few weeks. I've gotten almost all of my favorite Ann Taylor dresses this way. Don't tell. Oh, and it also comes in black. But I think this lovely blue color is part of what makes it so amazing.

Question two. Was I REALLY wearing pantyhose?

The answer?


And I strongly suggest that anyone sitting on a stage where their legs are eye level with a few hundred people do the same. I would have felt sort of naked and inappropriate with bare legs in this setting.

Anyway, pantyhose are now a non-issue, since Kate Middleton and Pippa regularly wear them. I still prefer bare legs (with moisturizer mixed with a little foundation rubbed on my legs to keep them from looking awful) at more casual events, or black tights. But for this kind of thing, I didn't even think twice about wearing pantyhose.

So there. Your questions are answered.

What do you think about the pantyhose issue? And do you have a miracle dress? Link to it if you do and it's online -- we'd all love to see it!


Image via Ann Taylor

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tinyp... tinypossum

I don't have a miracle dress, but I need one. Do they sell any that make you look 10 years younger? 

I am totally with you on the hose (thanks for answering the question). I'm glad they are no longer a faux pas. Those of us with less than perfect legs appreciate the bit of coverage, and they are definitely the right thing for a professional, upscale event. You looked great!

Oh, and I really am enjoying reading your political blogs. You are by far the most balanced of the bunch. Keep up the great work!

UpShe... UpSheRises

I'm a big fan of pantyhose. I even wear knee highs with slacks. They remind me of the 40's when women's fashion was classy and tailored and perfect. I think they make a lady look feminine and put together. Bare legs, IMO are for sundresses in the summer and that's about it.

Keya25 Keya25




Thats all i wanted to know...still waiting for a shoe shot though...

Linds... LindsayFerrier

The shoes were insanely boring- just your basic black leather pumps. I brought my favorite pair of platform ankle boots, but I knew if I wore them, no one would hear a word of what Newt had to say. They are JUST THAT FABULOUS. ;D

nonmember avatar akbass

You're fabulously beautiful and I'm sure you look amazing in pretty much anything. :)

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