8 Beauty Resolutions for a Better-Looking You in 2012

lipstickAhhhhhhhh, New Year's Resolutions. Those three words make me cringe every January. Sure, I could always stick to the standard "I pledge to drop a few pounds" oath, or I could tell myself I'll spend less money. The real truth is that resolutions are something that I, like many women, always make and seldom stick to. I know, I hate myself for it, too.

However, after taking a look-see at fashionista Lauren Conrad's pledge to "organize her closet every month," I've found all new inspiration to make this year's resolutions both something I can stick to and beauty-based. If the super-busy celeb can make a doable fashion resolution, then so can I, right? Right.

From branching out with different lipsticks to putting an end to my scrubtastic weeknight trips to the store, take a look at my 8 totally doable beauty and style resolutions for 2012:


1. Only wear gym clothes TO the gym. Imagine the scene: It's another random Tuesday night and I realize I've got to go to Target to buy a card for my grandmother's birthday. Naturally, I throw on the "easiest" thing I own, a pair of yoga pants and sweatshirt. This year, I pledge to put forth the extra effort and slink into some denim for my weeknight store trips.

2. Wear lips. Only recently have I started wearing lipsticks and stains out of the house. This year, I pledge to experiment with my pout, and try new things.

3. Keep the shoes I own in good condition. After a night out to dinner and drinks, I pledge to examine the shoes I wore and give them a solid clean. I find that the longer scuffs and marks stay on the shoe, the harder they are to get off.

4. Accessorize. Rather than splurging on a new dress or skirt for every little thing shindig, I pledge to look through my closet, examine what I have, and see how I can mix things up without breaking the bank.

5. Stop. Losing. Socks. I think there really is a sock monster that eats my socks. This year, I pledge to designate a SPECIAL sock bag for laundry, get organized, and stop buying a new six-pack every month.

6. Don't go more than three weeks with the same manicure. I'm not saying I have to go to the salon every other week. What I am saying is that horribly chipped nails give off a horrible first impression when you meet someone new. This year, I pledge to give myself a shiny coat of paint every once in a while to keep things fresh.

7. Moisturize. I pledge to ACTUALLY use the moisturizing lotion I bought last summer after getting out of the shower instead of skipping that step altogether.

8. Splurge on the essentials. I consider myself a decently talented bargain shopper. However, I need to face the facts that generally the more expensive items are the ones that last longer. This year, I pledge to trash my cheapo "staples" and spend a decent amount of money on the must-haves: A new blazer, a pair of designer jeans, and a pair of comfortable, classic black pumps.

What are your beauty resolutions for the new year?


Image via cerromijares/Flickr

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