Cameron Diaz's Drastic New 'do Shows She Doesn’t Care What People Think

cameron diazNew year, new hair for Cameron Diaz. The former girlfriend of Alex Rodriguez recently debuted a cropped, shaggy, bleach blonde 'do in Hawaii, and, let me just say -- sister owned it. The style is a little reminiscent of Ellen Barkin (who does no wrong), a little reminiscent of Diaz's hair in There's Something About Mary. All around, the cut is aces. But before you go toting a photo of the newly-shorn Diaz to your hair dresser, keep in mind, this style is definitely not for everyone. In fact, it's not for most.


I'm of the mind that cuts like this -- really short, really bright, really look-at-me cuts -- look best on tall women with distinct faces. Think models and the like. (Yes, the pixie always looks good on tiny women with delicate features, but we're not talking pixie here, we're talking blonde shagadelic mess.) Cameron is the perfect person for such a messy, beachy 'do, but let's face it, most are not. Think about the lovely Kate Middleton. Even she wouldn't look good with such a hairstyle.

Another reason I'm such a fan of this look on Diaz is because it's different. She doesn't look like every single other Hollywood celebrity -- long, wavy, extension-laden, Kardashian-esque tresses. She stands out with this hair; it shows she's confident and really doesn't give a rat's about what everyone else is doing with their hair. And nothing is more stylish than that. Werk it, girl.

What do you think of Cameron's new 'do? Have you ever cropped your hair?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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