5 Cute Winter Boots That Are Fashionable & Functional


bootsIt's 12 degrees in New York right now and I kind of want to go to bed and not wake up until April. It's so cold that your face freezes over when you walk outside and you start drooling uncontrollably because you can't move your mouth to swallow. Then you scarf gets frozen bits of spit in it and it's a whole thing. Since it's impossible to hibernate until spring, I guess all that's left that will cheer us up and warm us up is shopping. Shoe shopping, more specifically, because I do not want to see my pale white ass in any dressing room mirror right now.

There are a ton of cute winter boots out there just begging for a new home, and we'd be remiss not to at least look at a few, right? I feel warmer already. Here are 5 of the best boots I could find that are both fashionable and functional.

sorel boots
Sorel boots, $113
These cozy looking Sorel boots combine function and fashion. I love the colors, the lace-up thingy, and the fact that they're waterproof.

old navy boots
Old Navy faux leather boots, $40
Old Navy has a great collection of boots on the cheap, so check out all they have to offer. These cowboy boots would awesome with some tall, thick socks.

gringo boots
Old Gringo boots, $210
They're a splurge, but these Old Gringo boots are 100 percent leather and 100 percent rad.

ll bean boots
L.L. Bean boots, $160
Can't have a boot round-up without a pair from L.L. Bean. They put out quality footwear that will keep you warm and dry for many winters to come.

cute boots
B.C. Footwear boots, $45
These casual, fold-over boots are great with skinny jeans or leggings. The buckle detailing goes all the way around, which I like. Very cool.

What do you look for in a pair of winter boots?


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ms_mo... ms_morgan

Since when are duck hunting boots fashionable?

nonmember avatar Rosaline0.0

Ugh. These are soooo fugly. Where is the fashionable and cute? These are only functional if I go camping or outdoors. Sorry, my "jungle" is LA. I need high heels and sexy.

gen791 gen791

Right Rosaline, ewww.. I live in Idaho and would NEVER wear any of them.. and I am a hick, so to speak, lol


nonmember avatar Dianne Adams

You just aren't up to date with fashion trends, ms_morgan, Rosaline, and gen791. These are winter boots for winter weather, like rain, snow and slush, Rosaline. Can't speak to Idaho; maybe gen791 just likes wet, cold feet.

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