Sarah Palin’s New Frumpy Look Is Here to Stay


sarah palinI confess, I miss Sarah Palin. Not because I like her politics -- I disagree with almost everything she has to say including the words "and" and "the." But I miss the fierce style she flaunted during the last presidential campaign. Oh sure, she got into a lot of trouble over how much she/the GOP spent on those clothes. And yeah, the clothes do NOT make the candidate. But let's be honest, a rockin' wardrobe sure makes the election season a whole lot more fun for us.

Which is why I've been so disappointed with political style these days. Not only is Sarah not in the race, she's been sporting some hideously dorky duds. Check out this shot of her wearing not one, but two fleeces! And what is with this fuzzy red chenille jacket? Why is she dressing like Elmo?!? Did she not learn anything from her 2008 stylist? Is it me, or are politicians afraid to look fabulous these days?

Check out Michele Bachmann's outfits for the past year. All tasteful suits, but nothing very exciting. She's done the watered-down Michelle Obama look with the patterned A-line skirt (she pulls it off better here). Here she's in a white jacket that makes her look like a chef. I'm been searching for an outfit that doesn't look like it was created for a robot, and all I could come up with were this red dress and this chic black sheath.

It's like Sarah Palin ruined campaign trail fashion for everyone, including Michele Bachman. She got into all that hot water over her Wardrobe Gate -- and there was so much snarking over the stylist and the new glasses. Yeah, there were ethical issues. But I think there was also a lot of envy and misogyny happening, too. Ooh, how dare a woman look fantastic while running for national office! You're supposed to look stuffy and dull, didn't she know that?!?

So there's that. And then there's the high unemployment, making it in especially bad taste to have swank taste. It even seems like Sarah's trying to undo the damage she did by going out of her way to look frumpy and weird. (Nailed it!) So as long as the hard times continue Style Is Dead on the campaign trail. Not that it matters! I know that! But I'm still kind of sad about it.

Do you love it when politicians have great style?

Image via Fox News

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KathyTh. KathyTh.

Who the hell cares what Sarah Palin is wearing?  I couldn't care less what she has on, as long as she stays out of politics.  Oy.


You sound like a mean, spoiled child. I hope in real life you have a better spirit. 

nonmember avatar Alan Srout

Prettier than you, is she? And much more successful, too. Sad.

Priya... Priyankarox

Every pompous pundit & craven critic who has ever written slim, smart, svelte, stylish Sarah Palin's political or ensemble obituary has ended up eating crow; free-range, organic crow, but crow nonetheless. Remember that.

nonmember avatar Har

She is wearing a wig.

nonmember avatar b

sarah ia cool smart and articulate..blow that out your fleece

count... countrygirl670

Smart?  ARTICULATE?  Okayyy....

count... countrygirl670

I think that wig is more articulate.  Its really saying something!

steph... steph2884

Has anyone commented on what the men are wearing? Because your fashion has everything thing to do with how you would run the country. I want to see a president do an address wearing a snuggie.

nonmember avatar Listen2Palin

for Adriana Velez, who has one boob sagging south,and who "who dabbles in parenting", to be making nasty comments about another woman's looks is pitiful. the video was 32 days before the iowa cacus, and SARAH PALIN put in a good word for RICK SANTORUM and he made it to NUMBER ONE! all you ninny, old YOUNG, mouthy biddies......enough already. check out SARAH PALIN's POLITICS, not your blind view of her looks. duh.

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