Kim Kardashian Will Definitely Regret Her Latest Hairstyle (PHOTO)


kim kardashianBreaking news, everybody! Kim Kardashian cut bangs! That's right, you heard it here first. The sexy celeb's signature hairstyle -- parted-down-the-middle, sexy waves (or a tight, slicked-back bun) -- now has company: Blunt, cropped, Zooey Deschanel-esque bangs. And of course, they look fantastic on her.

But Kim -- bad idea, baby girl. You have heard what bangs do to you ... haven't you?

They make you remorseful for cutting them! They're cute, and fun, and different for the first three or four weeks, but after that -- you're going to be dying for those bad boys to grow out, so you can have your old, non-annoying hair back. (Yes, bangs can be classified as "annoying." They don't leave your face; they obstruct your view; and they make your forehead break out.)

I'm speaking from experience here. I've cut bangs many times in my life. In fact, just this Christmas Eve, after seeing a woman with a particularly awesome haircut, I contemplated chopping a set myself. But then I came to my senses. Because I know they're only fun once in a while. When you have them every day, they're a frustrating, irritating hassle. Of course, unless you have stick-straight hair that doesn't require a paddle brush and a hair-dryer to "tame them" each morning, which I -- and Kim -- do not. You just wait, KK, when you're on your second week or so of waking up with bangs that are sticking straight up into the air, Something About Mary-style, you'll be sorry ... that is if you really cut bangs ...

See, I'm kind of wondering if Kim actually went for the plunge here. It's a bold move. Particularly for her. She seems to have a rotation of very specific (bangless) hairstyles in her repertoire. I'm thinking she may have just sported one of those clip-in bang headband things instead of going for the real deal.

And if that's the case, good move. She looks lovely with bangs, but I've gotta be honest, in addition to the inevitable exasperation they'll cause her, I think I prefer Kim without.

Do you like Kim's new bangs ... if they're real?


Image via Splash



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nonmember avatar Cookie

They are fake...just like the rest of her.

poshkat poshkat

i love my bangs. when i dont have them i look older and kind of mean. they frame my face and other than the first few days of having to tame them when i wake up they are awesome. kim does not look good with bangs

nonmember avatar Eva

Access Hollywood said they were clip-on bangs.

I can't even believe I know that.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

Those are clip on bangs. She has worn them before. You can clearly see where her extensions are in her hair. She has fake hair everywhere else on her head, so obviously her "bangs" are too. Next week they will probably be gone.

nonmember avatar michelle

I always wanted bangs but with my wavy hair it would be a huge pain... then I got a super fabulous wig, natural hair and super natural looking with great bangs. I do them about twice a month, and I dont have them in my face if I don't want em. And no one notices when I wear the wig. sooo cool!!

nonmember avatar Lesli

I think it looks cute on her, no matter if its hers or a clip-on. Either way its hers, she is wearing it. Btw, she looks a bit like Nicki Minaj in this pic to me.

jessi... jessicasmom1

clip on fakes .. I do not like them 


I think she looks great but I think it's a wig.  I love my bangs, had them for years and I believe I look terrible without them.  I have a high forehead and appreciate the bangs.

witch... witchkiss

I have had bangs for years and love how they look, but you are right......ANNOYING

witch... witchkiss

<===wants to grow them out and get fake ones

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