Vanessa Hudgens on Her Way to Worst Dressed in 2012


vanessa hudgensVanessa Hudgens is a mess. The actress and her boyfriend Austin Butler went to Miami over the weekend to soak up some sun and some super awkward tan lines. Vanessa, always trying to look like a Garbage Pail Kid, wore overalls over a crocheted bikini while hanging out poolside. Because overalls really say I'm ready to catch some rays and go for a swim, don't they? No, didn't think so.

Vanessa topped more than one of 2011's worst dressed lists and it looks like she's got a jump on the competition for the same title in 2012 with this disaster of an "ensemble."

As my grandmother would say, it's a shame, because she's such a pretty girl.

Vanessa may be trying to distance herself from her Disney and High School Musical image (weren't those naked pics enough, though?), but just looking plain old bizarre is not going to help anything. Can we just think about for a second how impractical overalls are at a pool?

You sit on one chair, boom: Wet mark on your ass. You get a weird tan lines. You're super hot, as in your body temperature gets dangerously high. Your swamp ass is so itchy that you have to scratch it on the nearest palm tree trunk. You get thrown in the pool and you sink to the bottom because your outfit is so heavy. Basically, overalls are not only a fashion hazard, but a drowning hazard. Very dangerous on so many levels.

It's so confusing because Vanessa's a knock-out yet refuses to dress like anything other than a homeless house fire victim. I suppose it's good for her that she's staying true to herself and her (non) sense of style, but you've gotta draw the line somewhere. One weird/gross outfit and you're called "risky" ... a series of them and you're called "crazy." Unfortunately, it seems Vanessa crossed that line many moons ago and is now, officially, stylistically challenged.

What do you think of Vanessa's overall and pool combination?


Photo via Splash News

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paren... parentalrights1

You can't hold a candle to her and you know it. High school is over. Time to be smarter than to judge someone's clothes.

Eversnow Eversnow

I think the "homeless house fire victim" was a tasteless statement. How dare you say that? To get back to the article, She looks a mess. But whatever she is comfortable with I suppose.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

Somebody should have made their New Years resolution to be more positive and stop being jealous of rich, beautiful, talented young women.

AquaG... AquaGirl33

Vanessa is still YOUNG and still experimenting with her style...Some days she has really great "hits" (like when she was in Cannes and at Coachella) and some days like Miami, are definitely a MISS!  Vanessa really has the potential to become a fashion icon once she settles into her style more.   There is a difference between Boho and sloppy though and I think she is still kinda trying to push the boundaries, which is okay at her age....I actually admire her style overall and think that many of her outfits can even be worn by older women.  I for one have actually purchased many of the same "Boho conservative" outfits she has worn (Goddis wraps,  Planet Blue maxi dresses, etc). and have gotten MANY compliments!    I think because Vanessa has made such trendy and fashionable choices in the past, many people are scratching their heads lately at her latest choices (the overalls and the brown lace pants etc.).  I only hope that as more time passes and as she gets older, she will have more fashion "hits" than "misses".....

tinks... tinkshort

Geez lady, get a life and quit worrying about what everyone else is wearing.

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