Women Over 30 Shouldn't Wear Leather


woman in leather jacket
An example of leather worn really well
I will share an embarrassing fashion story with you all. Many a moon ago I had a pair of raspberry-colored leather pants. (Try not to laugh too hard.) They weren't fitted (mistake number two) -- they were loose and I bought them at this not-very-chic store near my old job in Midtown Manhattan. I really should have known better. One of my co-workers called them Fruit Roll-Up pants because that's what they looked like. And they really did. I'm not sure why I thought they were cool. Maybe I was experimenting with fashion. Bad fashion. So I have a thing with leather -- whether it's fake leather, pleather if you will, or real leather. The look of it -- I love it. I also hate it.

And I think it can age a woman many, many years if worn in certain ways.

Case in point: When Savannah Guthrie, one of the adorable hosts of the Today show, wore a fitted black leather skirt the other day, I wished it was in another fabric instead. Maybe a nice wool plaid? She's beautiful, yes, but the leather ... something about it hardened her look, made like five new wrinkles appear when she probably really doesn't have any. Even though she had on a feminine blouse, and had perfect hair and legs (she is 5'10"), it just didn't look good.

Maybe it's because she was on daytime TV with super-bright daytime TV lighting. If I saw her out after dark with that skirt on in a dimly lit restaurant, I may not be thinking the same thing. Not sure though.

The leather look, specifically when it's a pair of pants or a skirt, I think it can add about 10 years to you. Sure some of you look amazing in it, but it's a hard look to really pull off. So if you can do it, you are lucky. I saw another newscaster (name forgotten) who was wearing a leather blazer during her newscast and I filed that one away in the "never wear" drawer. But again, it all depends. Leather purses and boots are usually always fine, but a leather piece of clothing ... challenging. As challenging as my Fruit Roll-Up pants that I will never, ever wear again.

I don't like to make blanket statements about fashion because there will always be people who can make any look work, but generally speaking, if you are over 30 and want to wear a leather piece of clothing, think long and hard about it first ... and maybe ask a friend to let you know if it looks good or not.

Do wear wear leather clothes? How do you pull it off?


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tinyp... tinypossum

Usually, always? Anyway....leather blazers look dated and old. Leather skirts and pants are not professional and shouldn't be worn at work. Leather pants can also look dated and make your crotch sweat. Wear with caution. I don't think most leather clothing or jackets look modern and probably should go in the back of the closet. I don't know about age having anything to do with it. 

joey125 joey125

I only wear leather pants and jacket when on the motorcycle with dad  lol  Other than that NO  I also like leather chaps on the bike only     love u mom

nonmember avatar paddy

you keep hearing this women over 30/40 shouldn't wear leather pants. Then you see Elle Macpherson and many others managing it.

And you don't need her body to do it (to counter the inevitable response). Truth is leather pants often look great on a woman.

There's a slight paranioa about wearing them, made worse by a) men, and b) women being paid money to say you should wear this not that. Funny old world

KenneMaw KenneMaw

I don't know that I agree with you.  It depends on the woman, the setting and the style of the leather clothes.   A cute biker jacket can look great.  I have a red leather jacket that makes me feel great and I always get compliments, so hopefully it dont' look like I am wearing 1/2 of a fruit roll up!  LOL!    I work at a large company and several women wear knee length black or brown leather skirts with boots and I think they look great.   The clothes fit them well and you can tell they feel good in the outfit, so maybe that is the difference. 

bubble51 bubble51

If I wanted to wear leather pants, I would wear leather pants regardless of how old I was. I like to wear what I want to wear, not to impress others.

OkieG... OkieGirl74

I used to have a boss who was mid-40's, about 60 lbs overweight and wore tight black leather pants (to work nonetheless), she looked ridiculous (can anyone say recylced teenager).  However if you have the body for it, then I say wear it proudly

Green... GreenKnitMama

I think brown leather looks better then black or colored when it comes to clothing. Jmo.

niami... niamibunni

On a horse or a motorcycle, then yes. Otherwise, never. It's not attractive and kinda gross. Same goes for low rise pants and a$$ cracks in WalMart.

nonmember avatar Jules

I'm 34 and I look like a ROCK STAR when I wear leather.

Manda369 Manda369

I am of the belief that if it is properly fitted and in colors you like- you can wear whatever you like.  Personal preference ppl.  I don't wear clothes just because someone tells me I should or shouldn't.  I wear what I like, what's comfortable to me and within my budget.  That being said, yes I am slightly overweight but I don't care.  If I could afford a pair of black and a pair of hot pink leather pants I for damn sure would wear them and too bad so sad for anyone who didn't like it.  It's my rockstar personna, I'm entitled to be flashy and fun.  Being a musician and writer, I tend to flaunt my uniqueness rather than cower behind what society thinks.

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