Make Like Angelina: Hide Your Man's Hotness with a Pair of Nerdy Glasses

Angelina JolieIf you ask me, 'The Brangelinii' are getting weirder and weirder -- but I sense some strategy behind their latest public appearance.

At the premiere of 'In the Land of Blood and Honey,' written and directed by Angelina Jolie herself, Brad was sporting an extraordinarily nerdy pair of glasses.

Worse yet, after viewing multiple photos of Brad and detecting no glassy glint whatsoever, I suspect that there are no lenses in these glasses.


I'm left to deduce that Angelina forced Brad to wear these frames -- left over, no doubt, from Arvid's wardrobe from Head of the Class-- in order to minimize his hotness and make her the center of attention. Nice work, Ang!

The whole situation now begs the question -- Would you hide your man's hotness with a pair of nerd glasses?

There are two situations that beg you to answer an emphatic YES to this question, if you have any sense at all.

1. You are in a situation where many women are going to be throwing themselves at your man. Nerdy glasses will help shield him from their seduction techniques. Unless he is going to a librarian convention -- then nerdy glasses will have the exact opposite effect.

2. You're concerned that your man may in fact be hotter than you, and you're at an event where YOU need to be in the spotlight. Nerdy glasses will ensure that you, are in fact, the hottest one.

In this situation, I'm assuming Angelina was forcing Brad to wear these glasses because of the second scenario. She wrote and directed this movie and she's apparently sworn off wearing any color but black. In the absence of a striking gown, how can she make absolutely certain that all eyes are on her and not her husband?


Of course! It's all so OBVIOUS!!!

Now that Brad's wearing them, with any luck, hot men from around the globe (or their less-hot wives and girlfriends) now will be rushing the nerdy glasses stores and snatching up their own pairs.

What the world needs now is more men in nerdy glasses. And at the end of the night, you can reward him by wearing these:


Any questions?


Image via Splash News

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vinta... vintagevira

a lot of thick rimmed glassed on guys....

I don't think glasses make anyone "less hot".

I think that's kind of silly to say that

Rogue... RogueRabbit

Yupper, still hot!

Samal... Samallama

I was under the impression that those kind of glasses are "in" right now. 

Rogue... RogueRabbit

In fact, you could put an antique brass diving helmet on him and he will still be hot.

nonmember avatar Ann

The dress is NAVY. Not black.

elibee elibee

Maybe she's aiming for the "we're both intellectual, really we are" look. Like, she wrote and directed the film and he, umm, well, he's got the glasses!!wink mini

Linds... LindsayFerrier

Navy... black... really, what's the difference?!  ;D

Shell... Shell__Beach

The so-called "nerd glasses" are a trendy thing right now. Everyone has them, it's getting kind of annoying and old at this point (even more annoying for me because I liked them before everyone decided they made an awesome accessory). I highly doubt half the people wearing them in Hollywood even need glasses.

Valda... ValdaThomas

He needs to shave or maybe wear some white-framed glasses.

SLJoJo27 SLJoJo27

ummm neither one of them are hot ...

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