Emma Watson Makes 'Mom Cut' Cool With Her Coveted Hairstyle

emma watson hairHere I thought long hair was it. The hair to have. I see women with long hair all over magazines, catalogs, on the runways, and I find long hairs all over my apartment because I seem to be shedding. So I was sort of shocked to find out that a short pixie hairstyle -- specifically Emma Watson's hair -- is the most influential haircut of 2011. Justin Bieber got the honor for the guys, but we won't get into that just yet.

Watson is 21-years-old. Young. Beautiful. She's not yet a mom. But this haircut ... it's one you can totally call a mom haircut. It's short, seems easy to style, is out of the way of kid's grabby hands. And we all know mom haircuts are spoken about with that low voice and out of the side of the mouth. Like she's a mom now and she got this awful mom haircut. GASP!

But the Harry Potter star is helping moms seem even cooler than all of us moms already know we are. She's single-hair-dedly helping with our cool mom-ification cred.


Look, I'm not about to go out and trim off 12 inches to get this look or anything because I think I would look absolutely dreadful with this kind of 'do, so my probably way too long, all falling out hairs are staying to decorate my floors. But I am all about some mom pride. Moms are cool people too, you know ... er ... little Mister or Miss twenty-something whippersnapper who thinks we are all lame. We have tattoos. We're redefining what mom jeans are. Some of us even enjoy a beer or two once in a while. We are human beings, you know. We have feelings. And our feelings aren't snipped away when we cut our hair short. Nor is it uncool to have short hair.

Thank you Emma!

Now let's talk about Justin for a second. Isn't his hairstyle just about the same as Emma's?

justin bieber

With a little gel, it would be. I bet even women were getting this look. But it's certainly better to say Make me look like Emma Watson than Make me look like Justin Bieber. Especially for a mom. Now that would be weird.

What do you think of Emma Watson's hair? Would you get this haircut? Do you think she's helping make 'mom hair' cool?


Image via Splash News; jake.auzzie/Flickr

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