In Defense of the 'Tramp Stamp' Tattoo (PHOTOS)


tramp stamp tattooFor just about anyone who has a tattoo on the small of their back, hearing the phrase "tramp stamp" is extremely annoying. Women who have tattoos hear negative things about them sometimes -- I think my ears have a filter now that turns tattoo bashing into stories about how the weather is going to be warmer tomorrow. It's simple, people. If you don't like them, then don't get them. Women with tattoos don't deserve bad mouthing. I've said this many times, and I will say it again ... I don't go around telling people whose outfits I don't like that they look ugly, and it's kind of the same thing with a tattoo.

A woman with a tattoo on her lower back isn't a tramp. I'm sick of the negative association. I feel like this tramp stamp phrase was made up by a jilted man whose girlfriend left him and who happened to have a tattoo in that spot.

And of course I get annoyed because, yes, I have one there.

Here it is.

lower back tattoo

It started small, but then I added onto it. So I guess that means I went from being just a little bit of a tramp to a big one. LOOKOUT WORLD, BIG TRAMP STAMP COMING THROUGH! HIDE YOUR HUSBANDS! LOCK YOUR SONS AWAY!

Here is my friend Kimberly's. She took the photo in a mirror. It has her husband's name on it. He's in the military. Don't you dare call this a tramp stamp.

butterfly tattoo

While looking around for more beautiful lower back tattoo photos, I found this one:

birds lower back tattoo

Birds! Nothing trampy about birds. Tweet. Tweet. And then this one, which is also really cool:

justice tattoo

Lady of Justice -- take that tramp stamp! And this one belongs to a friend of a friend. Yowsa! I love wings and sacred hearts.

heart breaker tattoo

Do you have a lower back tattoo? Do you get annoyed when people call it a tramp stamp?

Image via madaboutasia/Flickr, Michele Zipp, Kimberly Land, TORIMBC/Flickr, Steve Snodgrass/Flickr, CF



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paren... parentalrights1

I don't have a lower back tattoo, but I am also annoyed by the stupidity of the planet still in 2011 not able to see that freakin' body art does not define a person and it goes farther than just lower back tattoos. Tattoos period get people labeled in a negative way. I have family members who have body art and are judged as probably drug users or whatever the hell else those people came up with. Even another male family member who wears earrings was told at a job not to wear them (by a female boss who was wearing them) Why can't men wear earrings?

Anyway. I'm rambling. Stop with the slut shaming world. It's been long enough that you should know better than to put all these negative labels on women that you know damn well you wouldn't do the same to a man and it's simply because you've been brought up and taught that what's sexual and wrong and not because it actually is.

MrsTB... MrsTBailey

That's the first time I have heard that and now i also know the meaning thank you. BTW the tattoos look very cool to me and not trampy at all!! Yours looks so good!!smile mini

ashja ashja

They do look cute when you're young, but if you've ever seen a 60-year-old woman at the I don't think they make anyone a tramp, there are plenty of girls in sweater sets out slutting it up, I never got one because my tastes change, I don't even have any on the same art on my walls that I had in my 20s, but to each their own. Definitely not worthy of labelling someone based on tats.

nonmember avatar Renee

With the exception of a few, the majority still look pretty trampy if you ask me. Not the placement but the designs themselves make them look trampy. There are many other places on the body that you can have tattooed so if you choose to place one in that area then you should deal with it.

Doomy234 Doomy234

I love your tattoo! I think its beautiful.

I thought about getting one on my lower back, but not in the middle, but on the right side. I dont wanna say what it is because its a unique design I created and I dont want people stealing my idea. :)

princ... princezzmommie

i think its the stereo type. many people, not saying you in particular, wear low slung jeans and middy tops to show them off. it looks trampy.  people see you the way you present yourself therefore the birth of the stereo type.


Monda... MondayisFired

I love these, especially the birds.

I've grown up with family members who have ink, and most of them got their tattoos while in service to the military. I don't understand why anyone would associate it with drug use or try to shame women who have a tattoo on a certain area of their body.

I've known people in their 80's and 90's who have ink, and though it doesn't look the same as when they were young, it adds a lot of character.

calash calash

occasionally I get annoyed, but for the most part I'm the one joking about it, because I know I'm not a tramp and that's not the reason I got it and I think it's silly, so I just laugh about it.............

hotic... hoticedcoffee

If people can see it, and therefore can comment on it, chances are you're presenting yourself in a manner that matches the label.  And I'm betting you knew it was called a tramp stamp before you got it, and it didn't bother you enough to not get one, so don't complain - that's like complaining that men only look at your giant implants.  If you a big enough girl to permanently ink your body, be a big enough girl to deal with the stigma.

cassi... cassie19831

I have a ton of tattoos and yes one on my lower back. I got it almost 10 years ago. Doesn't bother me what people say. As a woman with lots of tatts I have learned to have thick skin and not take judgments personally. My tattoo there is an H.R Giger and he is an amazing artist so any negativity is just ignorant anyways.

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