In Defense of the 'Tramp Stamp' Tattoo (PHOTOS)

tramp stamp tattooFor just about anyone who has a tattoo on the small of their back, hearing the phrase "tramp stamp" is extremely annoying. Women who have tattoos hear negative things about them sometimes -- I think my ears have a filter now that turns tattoo bashing into stories about how the weather is going to be warmer tomorrow. It's simple, people. If you don't like them, then don't get them. Women with tattoos don't deserve bad mouthing. I've said this many times, and I will say it again ... I don't go around telling people whose outfits I don't like that they look ugly, and it's kind of the same thing with a tattoo.

A woman with a tattoo on her lower back isn't a tramp. I'm sick of the negative association. I feel like this tramp stamp phrase was made up by a jilted man whose girlfriend left him and who happened to have a tattoo in that spot.

And of course I get annoyed because, yes, I have one there.


Here it is.

lower back tattoo

It started small, but then I added onto it. So I guess that means I went from being just a little bit of a tramp to a big one. LOOKOUT WORLD, BIG TRAMP STAMP COMING THROUGH! HIDE YOUR HUSBANDS! LOCK YOUR SONS AWAY!

Here is my friend Kimberly's. She took the photo in a mirror. It has her husband's name on it. He's in the military. Don't you dare call this a tramp stamp.

butterfly tattoo

While looking around for more beautiful lower back tattoo photos, I found this one:

birds lower back tattoo

Birds! Nothing trampy about birds. Tweet. Tweet. And then this one, which is also really cool:

justice tattoo

Lady of Justice -- take that tramp stamp! And this one belongs to a friend of a friend. Yowsa! I love wings and sacred hearts.

heart breaker tattoo

Do you have a lower back tattoo? Do you get annoyed when people call it a tramp stamp?

Image via madaboutasia/Flickr, Michele Zipp, Kimberly Land, TORIMBC/Flickr, Steve Snodgrass/Flickr, CF

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