Rachel Zoe Wears Floor-Skimming Flares: Would You?

Rachel ZoeIf you read this blog with any regularity, you already know that flares are uber-hot right now, replacing skinny jeans as the pants trend of the moment.

What pushes this trend over the top is the fact that stars like Rachel Zoe, Kate Hudson and others only wear them if they are skimming the sidewalk.

Stylish? Very.

Practical? Not so much.

Would you wear a pair of ground-dragging flares?

I have some, and I'll tell you what I think of them after the jump!


I love my flares -- They are Rock & Republic dark wash jeans and I got them for a song on Last Call during one of their big additional-40%-off sales.

But when they arrived, I realized I needed to have them altered- They are exactly the same length as Rachel Zoe's in the above photo.

The problem with that plan was that I am lazy. And so, rather than altering them, I've been wearing them with my highest platform boots -- Even then, they still skim the ground. Now, it turns out that I'm actually wearing them the fashionable way! SCORE.

However, I think this is a trend that will only really catch on among millionaires. It just doesn't seem practical to buy an expensive pair of jeans and then proceed to ruin the hems by letting them drag along the ground. Plus, I was out in my flares on a rainy day a couple of weeks ago, and they got very wet and uncomfortable. Then there's the fact that I noticed a lot of people looking at my floor-skimming flares and chuckling to themselves. Is it worth being fashionable when most people just think I'm silly? I think NOT.

Finally, I would NEVER carry a child while wearing my flares -- all that extra fabric makes tripping so much more likely.

I'll probably end up altering my flares to end an inch or so above the ground, eventually. In the meantime, just call me Lindsay Zoe.

What do you think of these ground-skimming flares? Would you wear them?


Image via Splash News


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