Guy Fieri Jewelry Line Makes Us Question His Taste


Guy Fieri JewelryWhen I think of Guy Fieri, I think absolute craziness. The spiky-haired culinary rock star has made a name for himself hosting foodtastic shows like Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and Tailgate Warriors on Food Network. Now, he's taking on a different, more dainty venture: The jewelry business.

Fieri has teamed up with Room 101 Jewelry and deals website Open Sky for his "off-da-hook" line. Featuring items like a set of cuff links for $75, dog tags for $75, and chain bracelets for a cool $175, the line most definitely reflects Guy's over-the-top personality.

I can get over the hilarious fact that foodie Guy Fieri has his own jewelry line. What I can't get over is how gaudy all of it is. If I was to see any man wearing this sort of stuff, I'd run in the other direction immediately.

Men wearing jewelry has always been a tough idea for me to swallow. I'm more of a simplistic gal, I guess. Seeing a guy rock a classic chain his father gave him, that's sweet. A wedding ring? Of course, that's totally fantastic in my book. However, a blingtastic dog tag necklace a la Guy Fieri is just unnecessary. Period.

I was under the impression that this stuff got left behind in high school, no? In fact, these "off-da-hook" pieces make me think of something my 14-year-old angsty neighbor would wear from Hot Topic. If any man I was remotely interested in was to put on one of these chain bracelets and was not completely joking, I'd totally rethink our situation.

I respect Guy for trying something new, I really do. However, I just can't get over the tackiness of it all. Stick to selling deluxe meat packs, Guy. I think you'll be better off.

What do you think of Guy's jewelry line? What about men wearing jewelry in general?

Image via Open Sky

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momav... momavanessa

Like he doesn't make enough money already! I think it is stupid! Just like his meat line, Sauce Line, and his knife line. Just getting too much out of hand!

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

Celebrities put their names on stupid crap for money all of the time. That man is a douche. Just look at his hair. That "look" hasn't been considered "in style" since the 90s (which is most likely when he first started wearing it like that). So, it's no surprise to me that his jewelry reflects his douche-tastic style.

Valda... ValdaThomas

Tacky. Maybe as keychains or USB drives but not as jewelry.

nonmember avatar freedy

It seems that most people who comment on these things are really just haters.  If the opportunity arose for most of you to do something to make a name for yourself, my belief is that you would do it.  I have met Guy and he really is a nice person and a lot of fun!  Just because people don't like his hair, his shirts, his jewelry doesn't mean that he shouldn't make the most of his celebrity.  Jewelry on men may not be for everyone, but I think that Guy has become known as much for his jewelry (he wears that same bracelet EVERYWHERE...and it's SUPER NICE!) as he has for his cooking and his catchphrases.  If he has a friend who makes jewelry (as he said the guy at Room 101 is his friend) then why not take advantage of another kind of marketplace?

nonmember avatar Nixie

I don't mind celebrities endorsing or designing products, but once the stuff is out there, criticizing the style is fair game. The jewelry is tacky to me and doesn't look very modern. It looks like something you'd wear with an Ed Hardy shirt--something associated more with Jersey Shore than good design. So, sure, he can sell whatever he wants, but I find these designs as tacky as his taste in food. It's just not very sophisticated or well-designed stuff, in my opinion.

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