These Artsy Etsy Tights Will Get You Noticed

EtsyI was looking for an interesting pair of tights on Etsy the other day and y'all.

The site is FILLED with sellers offering up some of the most AMAZING tights ever.

I can't think of a better, more inexpensive way to give your wardrobe a completely unique twist.

Best of all, there's something for everyone, whether you're a wild child, or more modest.

These 'Lily of the Ankle' tights (Etsy, $39), for example, would look great with a little black dress -- and they're certainly not too over-the-top.

Check out more cool tights from Etsy after the jump, and tell me in the comments ...

Would you wear a pair?





EtsyThese Ballerina Tattoo Tights (Etsy, $60)will certainly turn some heads ... and glam up a boring outfit to boot.


EtsyI die over these maple-leaf-dyed merino wool tights (Etsy, $70). So cool.


EtsyOr go for something totally different with a pair of Zipper Tights (Etsy, $22) ...


EtsyThese sequined tights (Etsy, $56) would be perfect for New Year's Eve ...


EtsyThen there are these "Hipster style ripped tights" (Etsy, $17) which, uh, I think you could actually make yourself much more cheaply. To each her own, though!

Would you wear any of these tights? I'm personally loving the first pair!


Images via Etsy


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