3 New Year's Eve Makeup Tips From a Professional

new year's eve makeup
Ready for my close-up
Getting all fancied up for the holiday parties is definitely part of the fun of heading out on the town. Although we oftentimes fall back on our usual makeup tricks, there's no time like New Year's Eve to take it up a notch -- makeup-wise. You want your face to match the fab dress, right?

Personally, I need a little help in the makeup department, which is why I headed over to Blushington and had a pro make me over, and fill me in while I was transformed right before my very eye-lined eyes (see photo right there). Blushington is a one-stop salon for your face. (If you hit sister shop, Drybar for a blow-out, you're soooo ready for any event.) Instead of hanging around the makeup counters at the department store, you get one-on-one attention without the pushing of the products. It's awesome, really.

Here's what Kassandra at Blushington taught me about being gorge on those days that call for more than mascara and lip gloss.


1. Pick Two and Leave the Rest Alone

If you're going for drama, you needn't go all the way. Kassandra showed me how I could sport a dramatic eye and lip, and skip the blush. Which is great, since I always skip the blush. Her rule of thumb is to go big on one or two elements, but never all three. NEVER. So don't even think about it. Put down that brush, I'm serious.

2. Do Your Eyes First

It may seem a little weird to make up your eyes before you've even considered your coverage, but Kassandra reminded me that flakes of eye makeup and mascara can totally screw up your flawless foundation. Since mascara glop has happened to me, I believe. One other tip -- don't keep going on your eyes if you feel they're not "enough" until you finish your face. It can be hard to judge the full effect of your eye makeup if you're concentrating on the fact that the rest of your face is not up to par.

3. Powder is Your Friend

I tend to fear the powder in the dry days of winter, but Kassandra reassured me that it is absolutely crucial to keeping your makeup on your face, and not sliding off. If you're prone to dry skin, be sure you step up the moisturizer and go light with the powder. But never (NEVER!) go out without it.

How do you step up your makeup routine for New Year's Eve?

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