Kreayshawn Keeps the Weird Eyelash Trend Going

KreayshawnOkay, so out-there eyelashes are becoming, like, a "thing," right up there with eccentric legwear.

The latest celeb to don a pair of them is "Gucci, Gucci" rapper Kreayshawn. Appropriate, no?

These particular lashes might be hard to find, but if you'd like a pair of quirky lashes, I've got options!

Would you wear them?


You can score yourself a pair of these extra-long, rhinestone-studded lashes at Sephora for just $50. I wouldn't recommend driving while wearing them -- not so sure your vision will be optimal in these.


SephoraSephora also carries these amazing $17 Paperself lashes, which I told you about a few weeks ago. I don't know if I'd wear a pair, but they are AMAZING to look at.


M.A.C.M.A.C. is sold out of these $18 'Flight Lashes' right now, so SOMEONE'S wearing them!

I'm totally in to false lashes right now -- they make a huge difference in your overall appearance, and they're super cheap! But I generally save mine for evening wear unless I'm shooting video, since I think they look a little ... false ... in the daytime. I don't know about the wild lashes, though ...

What do you think?


Top image via Instagram

h/t: MTV

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