JWoww's Ridiculous Bikini Line Stays Put With Glue Instead of Straps

jwoww bikiniThose Jersey Shore kiddos really know how to make some dollar dollar bills, y'all. Snooki and the Situation have all kinds of clothing and accessories lines (and plenty of lawsuits to go with them) and now Jenni "JWoww" Farley has launched a bikini line. Despite the fact that her Filthy Couture apparel line hasn't done that well, JWoww has carried on, this time hoping to hit the nail on the head with a collection of super-slutty swimsuits. She's sticking to what she knows -- skanky clothes and bikinis are right up JWoww's alley. Can't say she hasn't stayed true to herself. 

But this latest venture into the barely-there bikinis is a little weird. Not because they're predictably revealing, but because they involve glue to keep the suit in place.


The reality star has teamed up with Perfect Tan Bikini and has projected her bathing suit needs on the rest of us. Sure, we don't like tan lines either, but I don't know how willing we are to wear a suit that stays in place using an adhesive that heats up in the sun keeps the top of the suit stuck to our boobs. That sounds horribly uncomfortable. With the sand, the heat, and the humidity, the last thing I want to feel on a blazing summer's day is glue on my breasts.

I'm also a little confused -- if the purpose is to give the wearer a tan-line free experience, then what is with the highly embellished bikini bottoms? Those things are going to give us crazy tan lines on our lower stomachs , not to mention third-degree burns. That metal little thingy looks like it will get scorching hot.

JWoww gets an A for effort on this one, but I don't know if anyone really thought this through. Glue plus sand plus beach plus a baking sun does not sound like a winning combo. I appreciate the sentiment, but sticky stuff on the tops and odd-tan-line bottoms make for one weird-ass bikini.

I will say this, though. She looks gosh darn amazing in her swimwear. JWoww, indeed.

What do you think of JWoww's line? Like the idea of the glue?


Photo via jwowwptb.com

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