'Glee's Naya Rivera Won't Let Bad Skin Get Her Down

naya riveraI have a little bit of a confession. I have a girl crush on Naya Rivera. How could you not? Glee's Santana Lopez has killer confidence and a voice that is amazeballs. Oh, and did I mention she's gorgeous? You would never guess that off-screen, the 24-year-old has taken some major steps to ensure her camera-ready look.

Today's shocker: Naya is the new spokesperson for Proactiv, the three-step acne treatment that's worked for other celebs like Julianne Hough, Katy Perry, and even the Biebs himself.

Wait ... seriously? Naya used to have bad acne? When?! Every time I see her shining face walking through the halls of McKinley High, she looks freakin' flawless. I'd KILL to have her clear skin. The on-screen diva told Proactiv that having acne made going to work every day embarrassing.

I agree with Naya, acne can make you feel really uncomfortable. But boy am I happy that it didn't stop her from pursuing her career. I can't imagine what Glee would be like without Santana!


I think it's awesome when celebrities speak up about real issues they have with their looks. So many A-listers look so far beyond perfect at those red carpet events, and it's easy to forget that most of them have entire crews dedicated to making them look fab. Meanwhile, there are women like you and me, sitting at home trying to figure out which concealer will hide this week's monstrosity of a blemish. Or maybe that's just me.

The fact that Naya has the courage to say look, it's not all fun and games makes her relatable and even more crush-worthy. What I love even more is that Naya saw the product really worked after trying it herself, and then she got in contact with the company telling them she wanted to share her story:

I showed them photos and they said, "This is great." Wait till people see my pictures. That's all I have to say. I definitely have the photos to prove [I had a problem].

Rock on, lady! That sounds like the strong girl that Glee fans adore. It doesn't matter what Naya's skin may have looked like before. What matters now is that she's spreading a message to others that they're not alone, and yes, there is a product out there that can help fight the hassle of acne. 

What do you think of Naya's new gig with Proactiv? Do you struggle with your skin?


Image via FOX

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