Paris Hilton's 'Vanity Fair' Cover Means Our Worst Fear Will Come True

paris hilton vanity fairThe so-called has-been celebutante, Paris Hilton, might be making a comeback, if you will, and she's starting by gracing the cover of Vanity Fair Espana. What does it all mean? I'm so confused. Last time I checked, Paris was walking out on interviews, denying any insinuation that she was no longer as relevant as her one-time friend, Kim Kardashian. Now she's got a cover story? It doesn't make any sense.

Unfortunately, no one asked us what we thought about Paris doing a spread for Vanity Fair, so we'll just have to live with it. But! That doesn't mean we can't question it entirely and pray that this doesn't mean there will be more of Paris in the future.


I'd hate to think that's what's coming because I really thought Paris was in our past. She and Nicole Richie had their moment in the early part of the decade and it's where I'd like to leave them, terrorizing small town people as they make their way across the South on that gift of a show, The Simple Life. The Heiress, however, might have other plans. She may be thinking that it's her turn to get a piece of the celebutante pie that the Kardashians have been hogging all to themselves.

I can see where Paris is coming from -- there is some sort of Kardashian backlash going on -- but stepping into the spotlight now just seems forced and pointless. What has she been doing that will be interesting to read about? Nothing, as far as I know.

I will say, though, that Ms. Hilton looks fabulous on the cover in her gold cardigan, heavy necklaces, bronze makeup, and Veronica Lake hair. She looks like she's channeling Aunt Kim Richards of RHOBH fame, giving the camera a slightly subdued stare that says "I'm rich and pretty, isn't that enough?"

Personally, I hope it isn't, but it's worked for Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe, so who knows anymore. Since Paris has landed this gig, I wonder what will be next. Is she going to make her way onto the covers of American magazines? Maybe a Hilton reality TV show? A Paris sweatshop? Oh, my. I certainly hope not. Stay in Spain, Paris. Or wherever you are. We're not ready for you to come back in our lives yet.

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Photo via Vanity Fair

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