8 Ways to Look Fab on New Year's Eve Without Spending a Fortune

champagne toastNew Year's Eve is just a few days away and you're starting to feeling the un-do pressure, aren't you. I know. I feel it, too. There are plans to be made, outfits to be chosen, and hair to be up 'doed. It's one of those holidays that takes so much time, energy, stress and money for not that great of a payoff but hey, who knows. Maybe it's just me who thinks that, buuut I have an inkling there are a few of you out there who feel me. New Year's is kinda of a let down. Like, always. But! But. That doesn't mean we shouldn't give it our all and look our best.

That said, I'm over shelling out the big bucks for black tulle skirts and glittery tube tops (don't judge) so this year, I'm going to get some new accessories that I can pair with stuff I already own. It's a tricky way to look fly on NYE ... on the cheap.



lace necklace
Lace necklace, $22
This neck-lace really lives up to its name. (Get it it? Neck, lace? Classic.) It also happens to be dead sexy. Pair with a low-cut top and an up 'do for maximum impact.

Chandelier earrings, $28
Glittery and reflective: Two adjectives that are only allowed to describe your outfit on December 31. These BCBG earrings fit right in.

Sheer silver tights, $8
Forever 21 will not disappoint when it comes to wear-it-once trend items. Glimmery tights will look fab under a black dress or skirt you already own.

Glitter shoes, $49
So these shoes from Steve Madden aren't cheap, per se, but they're half-off and will really update your current NYE outfit from something ho-hum into something ho-fabulous.

false eyelashes
False eyelashes, $6
Oh, falsies. They're wonderful, aren't they? I'd feel a wee-bit self-conscious if I wore these bad boys on a regular night out, but NYE? Please. I'd wear ten pair if my lids could handle it.

hot pink lip stick
Hot pink lip stick, $8

If the eyes aren't your thing, then you gotta dress up your pout. Since you may not want to wear hot pink lip stick more than maybe, say, three times a year, no need to break the bank. This $8 version will do just fine.

statement ring
Statement ring, $20
H&M has a wide variety of inexpensive baubles that will jazz up your NYE ensemble. I happen to love this gold, sparkly statement ring for $20.

2012 glasses
2012 light-up glasses, $9
And of course, these are a must; an absolute must.

What are you planning on wearing this NYE? Hope you have a great one!


Photo via Duncan/Flickr; Courtesy photos


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