Rooney Mara's Baby Bangs in 'Dragon Tattoo' Are a Fashion Don't

rooney mara limecat bangsLadies, there's a sinister new hairdo on the verge of trending, and it has me fearing for us all. Sure, we all love Rooney Mara's goth style. She looks fab in her vintage red lipstick and dark, edgy-glam threads. But the hair she wore for The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo? Just say no.

Refinery29 has dubbed the cut Limecat Bangs, after the Internet meme about a sour-faced cat wearing a carved lime peel. (Actually, it's a pomelo peel, but that's not what's important here.) The Gloss calls them "baby bangs" and asks if they look good on anyone -- and pretty much conclude that NO, THEY DO NOT. As a general rule. Look good. On anyone. Please, someone, tell me I'm not going to start seeing these bangs all over the streets of Manhattan this winter!


But let's be fair, here. Half of the women in The Gloss' "baby bangs" slideshow are sporting what I would consider more like medium-length bangs, which can look hot if they're done right. Real Limecat bangs like Lisbeth Salander's are suuuuuuper-short bangs, about an inch or so long, and combed out perfectly straight so as to form a bowl-like line along one's forehead.

I wish I could be all hip and devil-may-care about this look. I wish I weren't so conventional in my tastes for hairdos. But I just can't bring myself to embrace Limecat bangs. What is it about them? Oh yes, that's right, THEY'RE UGLY. Okay, fine, I'll try harder. Limecat bangs speak the vernacular of cute, child-like haircuts but with an exaggeration of its form so as to throw the view off-balance. In other words, them bangs just look wrong. They look like a mistake. A very unfortunate mistake.

In conclusion, DO NOT. Can we all agree on this? This is not a good look for you. Or you, or you, or even you. Resist the temptation to take shears to your locks late at night, after watching the movie, caught up in Lisbeth Salander bad-ass moxie. You are not Lisbeth Salander. Do you have her computer hacking skills? Do you have her tragic past? Can you land Daniel Craig in bed? No? Then resist the urge to go baby bangs. You're welcome.

What do you think of Rooney Mara's "baby bangs"? Are they chic or shriek?


Image via YouTube

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