15 Ways to Wear 'Hunger Games' Fashions Without Looking Crazy

hunger games fashionThe Hunger Games are coming to a town near you, everybody. If you're a fan of Katniss, Peeta, Gale and the rest you might want to show your support in style. Like say, a t-shirt, a bauble or a competitive outfit designed by Cinna. (Sorry, that last one is just a fantasy.) Luckily there are tons of designers out there that aren't trapped in the make-believe world of Panem that have created fashionable options for the die-hard fan.

Here are 15 ways you can look like you've just stepped out of the pages of The Hunger Games without also looking like you're headed to the arena. Of course you'll be wearing these to the premiere on March 23rd, 2012.




District 12 Tee

You're from the coal mines, and proud of it. This drab colored tee is the perfect "inside joke" item, and secret way for fellow Mockingjays to recognize you on the street.

hunger games fashionKatiness' Mockingjay Pin

Of course you have to have this. OF COURSE. Braid optional, but highly recommended.

hunger games fashionTeam GALE Tee

Personally, I'm a Team Gale lady. But if you're Team PEETA, there's a tee for that as well. Come on, Katniss, go with your heart!!!!

hunger games fashionHunger Games Charms

Grab a chain and fill it up with these charms that represent various moments in The Hunger Games. The bow and arrow should be your first pick.

hunger games fashionVintage Czech Military Messenger Bag

Is it bad that as a full-grown adult, I totally want this? You want it too, just in case you have to flee the districts.

hunger games fashionCustomizable Converse

Go for the Mockingjay, Girl on Fire, or President Snow. This Etsy seller will customize your kicks THGs style.

hunger games fashionHunger Games Name Shirt

In the spirit of the "Mick, Keith, Ron & Charlie" tees, this is The Hunger Games style. Live it, love it.

hunger games fashionBow & Arrow/Peeta's Pearl Necklace

Both Katniss and Peeta are represented in this gorgeous necklace, that one could even wear without knowing the secrets of the games. But you should, oh, you should.

hunger games fashionBook Cover Pendants

Wear the book around your neck, or all three! Either way, you're quickly identified as a super fan to those in the know.

hunger games fashionReal/Not Real Charm

If you've finished the trilogy, this real/not real charm will hit you right in the heart and gut. If you haven't, you won't get the spoiler from me.

hunger games fashionCinna Said I Should Wear This Shirt

While I think Cinna might go for something with a little more flash, you can certainly sport this shirt that identifies you as a fan of the stylist to the stars.

hunger games fashionHunger Games Sweats

This same seller also makes sweatpants. Because Cinna also knows you have fat-pants days.

hunger games fashionKatniss Knee Socks

Perfect with your ripped up pants because you live in District 12 and can't afford proper winter clothes.

hunger games fashionKeep Calm and Bake Bread Tee

For those of you who really think Peeta has it all figured out.

hunger games fashionPeeta Necklace

If you're really, really, really, serious about your Peeta fandom -- this is the way to go.

Which one of these is your favorite?

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