Kardashians Using Slave Labor to Make Clothing Is Krazy Talk

kardashianThere are some nasty allegations out there today that accuse the Kardashians of manufacturing their merchandise in Chinese sweatshops that employ child laborers. A human-rights investigative team decided they'd look into the matter after the questionable Star magazine broke the disturbing "news," but the Kardashians, not ones to sit around and do nothing, also mobilized their own forces to learn more about the story.

It didn't take the K empire long to get to the bottom of it -- a rep for the family released a statement that the story about them exploiting child workers is "not true."


I guess that's kind of a relief. It's not like a third party came forward and denounced the rumors and absolved the family of any wrongdoing -- that would've been better -- but it's great to hear that they're confident enough to come forward and reject any and all claims that their clothing is made under duress.

Because the conditions under which Star alleges the clothes are made sound downright horrific. From 84-hour work weeks in which children are paid $1 an hour to punishments for looking up from their work to 100-degree temperatures, the place sounds like a hell hole. I would hope that the Kardashians, who seem like a religious family at their core with a strong Christian faith, wouldn't stand for anything like this.

I'm going to assume that Star drank some Hatorade and thought this story would sell some magazines, which I'm sure it did, but that the story in and of itself is false. I just don't want to think that the Kardashians would have anything to do with child-labored sweatshops.

However, if it does turn out that it's true, I hope the Kardashians act swiftly to right their wrong. If it's true, hopefully it will teach them to be more informed when it comes to their business practices. There would be no excuse for this.

Do you think the story is true or made up?


Photo via david shankbone/Flickr

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