Hideous 'Barefoot Running Shoes' Named Footwear Trend of the Year

AmazonNow this is an end-of-the-year shocker ...

Barefoot running shoes -- the five-toed atrocities favored by celebrities like Scarlett Johansson -- have been named the top footwear trend of the year.


Do you own a pair?


The shoes were ranked number one in Footwear News' Readers' Choice Poll. Given that this is a trade magazine, I'd assume its readers know what they're talking about. There must be something to these shoes if people are wearing them, because they are TOTALLY UGLY.

I mean, seriously. Toes are all kinds of hideous and shoes were made to cover them. Why on earth would you accentuate them instead by giving each toe its own "space"?


Even worse, Fila opted to name the above shoe the "Skele-Toes." Eww!

The two users who reviewed these shoes on Amazon seemed to like them, but one had this to say:

My only complaint about the Skele-toes is that it's made for cool, young athletes and the "Fashion sneaker" purple design doesn't work well with the conservative style clothing that I wear outside the gym. The combination is hilariously bizarre. I seriously think the company should consider styles for daily work wear.

I'm sorry. Did you just recommend these shoes for "daily work wear"?


No, no, no, no, NO!

I'm hoping that Fila produced these in screaming, bright colors specifically to KEEP people from wearing them to work.

Interestingly, I'm not the only one who has a problem with these shoes. The United States Army BANNED "toe shoes" earlier this year, because they "detract from a professional military image." According to an Army press release:

There are a variety of minimalist running shoes available for purchase and wear. Effective immediately, only those shoes that accommodate all five toes in one compartment are authorized for wear. Those shoes that feature five separate, individual compartments for the toes detract from a professional military image and are prohibited for wear with the IPFU or when conducting physical training in military formation.

Ha ha ha ha! I've got the ARMY on my side! How about you?

What do you think of these bizarre running shoes?


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