Crocs & 5 Other Items Women Shouldn’t Be Caught Dead Wearing

crocsIf you've ever watched Project Runway, you know Nina Garcia. She's the very pretty, kind of snooty fashion director at Marie Claire who shows no mercy to up-and-coming designers. She's not the easiest person on the planet to relate to, but the woman knows fashion. And her latest piece of advice is hard to argue with.

After expressing her love for Target (and the $17 sequined clutch she got there) to Racked, Garcia shared her thoughts on Crocs. Like me, she's against them on adults. She said: "No one over the age of 10 should buy Crocs — unless you are Mario Batali."

I'm with you, Garcia. With their rubber material and super-bright colors, Crocs just don't look cute on adults. And while we're at it, here are five other items to add to that list.


Sweats in public. Before I get chastised for this in the comments section, let me just say that I totally do this. I am a wearer of sweatpants in public. And I'm not proud. I'm a grown woman for God's sake, would it kill me throw on a pair of jeans? I chalk this habit of mine up to the fact that I lived in Los Angeles for 10 years -- a place where everyone wears sweatpants in public. Here in New York, though -- not cute. I'm slowly weaning myself of this fashion faux pas. It's not easy.

Snuggies. I don't care if it's worn ironically or not, Snuggies are ridiculous. Just wear a heavy sweatshirt and a blanket. The bell sleeves, the ridiculously long length, the color -- it looks like a costume out of some futuristic Lord of the Rings type movie.

Hoods up. If you're outside and it's cold, by all means, put that hood up, but when you're inside, tooling around on your computer, it's really not necessary. (This is meant for my husband.)

Hello Kitty. Charlize Theron recently expressed her confusion on grown women wearing clothing with Hello Kitty on it, and you know what? I agree. Grown women should not be walking around in shirts with giant pictures of cartoons on them. Save that for the kiddies.

Animal hats. This is another thing that is adorable on young children, but really not cute on adults. What's wrong with a regular ol' hat? A plain one? They work just as well. And you look your age to boot. If you're into that sort of thing.

Do you have anything to add to this list?


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